AMED, Kurdistan, — The first Kurdish Culture, Literature and Art Conference took place in Amed. The Conference was promoted by the Democratic Society Congress (DTK), Mesopotamia Cultural Centres (MKM) and Amed Municipality and ends today, report said on Sunday.

According to the report Turkey, Russia, Syria, Kurdistan Federated Region, Iran and some European Countries as well as well-known writers, intellectuals and performers attended the Conference. “For the first time in the history of our people, Kurdish intellectuals, writers and artists had the opportunity to discuss the historical resources, current situation and future perspective of the Kurdish culture,” report added.

This conference will be not only a historical step for the Kurdish people but also a conscientious, moral and political responsibility for the Middle East Peoples and Humanity. No doubt, such a conference will also be a great contribution in the struggle to achieve freedom and human values for the Kurdish people.

The main goal of the conference, according to the promoters, was protecting, improving and carrying to the future the material and moral values created with a great effort by the Kurdish people in the historical progress. Cultural values mean existence, life and freedom for every person and people.

Based on its rich cultural values, the Kurdish people have been in the resistance in the territory of Kurdistan for thousands years and they have protected their existence and never accepted slavery by insisting on freedom.

Kurds, as one of the people improved Neolithic agriculture and village revolution, have contributed to the sacred cultural values of humanity such as freedom culture and democracy. They have created the core values of socialization in Mesopotamia defined as the cradle of humanity.

The language revolution one of the basic characteristics of socialization developed here and Kurdish language is one of the history’s most ancient languages. Kurdish people created a live culture by building villages, the first area of social life, and developing a culture of agriculture. All of these features have created a powerful lifestyle and identity. The Kurdish People has been a carrier of democratic communal culture with its language, identity, lifestyle, belief system and historical geography. And today, they also claim to be the dynamic power of the democratic civilization.

In spite of all the attacks, the first Kurdish culture-art and literature conference will strengthen the democratic national unity through national cultural debates and reinforce the solidarity and sharing between Kurds.

Based on the historical heritage of the Kurds and Kurdistan reality, it will only be provided with cultural, historical and spiritual unity. The Kurds have to ensure this national spirit and unity. For Kurds there are suitable conditions of this now and the historical, social flow and development support it.

Discussions and evaluation on the Kurdish art and literature are needed as well as the debates on culture, history, community. It is necessary to make discussions of art and literature with the questions such as ‘What are the resources of our art and literature? What are their problems today? What is our level of artistic and literary production in spite of very strong cultural, historical resources? Is it at the point of meeting social needs?’

The Kurdish intellectuals, writers, artists such as Ehmedé Xani, Baba Tahiré Uryan, Melayé Ciziri, Hémin, Fatma Isa, Apé Musa, Cegerxwin, Osman Sebri, Eyşe Şan, İbrahim Ehmed, Héjar, Qanaté Kurdo who are the roots and source of the Kurdish culture, art and literary history contributed great values to our social existence.