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EASTERN KURDISTAN, Iran–Historic Kurdistan lies in part of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria, like other states Iranian subsequent regimes implemented discriminatory policies against the Kurds in that part of Kurdistan. Despite great efforts of Kurds to establish democratic system that represents all the Iranian nations. However, subsequent regimes have adopted policies of assimilation, aiming to make Kurds part of the Persian culture.

Ever since the Islamic regime imposed its Islamic ideology and rules on the Iranian nations following the Iranian nation’s revolution against the totalitarian regime of Shah in 1979, Islamic regime adopted the rules and policies of the previous regime toward the Kurds, even worse.

Unsurprisingly, the Kurds overwhelmingly welcomed the fall of the Pahlavi Dynasty in the winter of 1979, ending the authoritarian and totalitarian rules and unjust policies of the Shah, which had systematically suppressed the national minorities in Iran for decades. Having long fought for regional autonomy and self-governance within current internationally recognized borders, Iranian Kurds saw participation in the 1979 Revolution great opportunity to achieve their goals.

In contrast, the regime which emerged failed to address the issues of the Kurdish people, instead discriminating against them on the basis of their different language, culture and traditions and accusing them of being allied with foreign powers. The theocratic regime alienates Kurds from political processes, demonstrating little patience for Kurdish demands and has continuously opted for military approaches in response to unrest.

As a result of the Kurdish democratic struggle and demands, the Islamic spiritual and political leader on 18/08/1979 ordered the Islamic revolutionary guards to oppress and commit mass killings in the Kurdish region on the grounds that the Kurds are non-Muslim and the war against them is (Jihad). In obedience to the Khomeini’s declaration of Jihad against the Kurds, the Iranian barbaric forces and revolutionary guards committed genocide and mass murder in Kurdish cities, towns and villages.

Despite the fact that the International community was aware of the tragedy and the genocide which was committed by the Islamic regime, International community chose not to provoke the Islamic regime and kept silent.

The Khomeini’s holy war against the Kurds left hundreds of Kurdish innocent civilians dead and thousands disappeared systematically and later found buried in mass killings grave yards.

Some of the officers who were directly involved in the war crimes and genocide against the Kurds, currently enjoying great freedom in European States, and they are protected by the European states. Kurdish people are expecting the EU and United Nation to charge and convict those Islamic officials who involved in the mass killings of the Kurds.



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