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It is not hidden to everyone that the Islamic Republic regime has established its foundations based on the suppression and denial of the demands of the oppressed nations in Iran, including the Balooch people.

Since the very beginning, the Iranian nation-state and in both Pahlavi periods, simultaneously with the repression of other oppressed nations in Iran, the Balooch people also faced the most severe repressions in various dimensions, including national, groups and religious is being suffered of the extensive repressions.

Throughout its 42 years of shadowing the oppressed nations, the Islamic Republic has suppressed women and toilers far more than ever before. The repression and the option of a policy of oppression against the repressed Balooch people have also increased sharply.

The ongoing crimes of the regime in Saravan once again demonstrated the height of the atrocities of the Islamic Republic and proved once again that the Iranian nation-state, in its religious and non-religious guises, is the decisive enemy of the demands for the rights of the people, including the Balooch people.

Conversely of that, the continuous struggles and resistance of oppressed nations, including the Balooch people against the fascist government of Iran, particularly the strengthen of confronting pillar of the Balooch people in Saravan confirm that the liberation struggles of oppressed nations is the main and decisive concern in advancing the revolution in Iran.

In addition, the criminal regime of the Islamic Republic is frightened than any other force of those resistances and is trying to suppress it with all its forces.

In the conclusion, as a Democratic Platform of Iran, with strong support, we will stand with the struggles of the Baloch people to condemn the crimes of the Islamic Republic in Saravan. Therefore, we call on all oppressed peoples, libertarians, human rights organisations, democratic media and freedom seekers to support the Balooch people, condemn and expose the crimes of the Islamic Republic in Saravan.

The Democratic Platform of Iran

23 February 2021