03 February 2021

The Pirshalyar’s ceremony, which performs every year in Horaman Takht, including the Kurdish assemblies, that is a symbol of Kurdish national unity with the historical roots and backgrounds. The Committee of the beliefs of the “Democratic and Free Society of East Kurdistan (KODAR)” congratulates this cultural worth, national and religious values of our people and its believer members.

Performing Pirshalyar’s ceremony for three days in February (20Jan-18Feb) every year is a symbol of national unity and cultural cohesion and ancient in Kurdistan. It is a symbol of convergence, a glorious assembly and the revival of friendships and altruism among our people.

The Pirans of Kurdistan have been firm pillars of the Kurdish society and a source of unity and integration in the path of its original culture. In the current period, performing such a ceremony comes at a time that the Kurdish people are facing policies of denial and cultural and sometimes physical genocide. The enemies who dealt dividing Kurdistan’s territory and society still continue to hostile all sections of society and cultural, national, religious and religious concepts.

The Pirshalyar ceremony, which provides assembly all individuals, strata and peoples of different regions with different dialects of the Kurdish language and achieves national and cultural unity, expresses the social resistance of our people to protect national and cultural values. This ceremony achieves that every nation and people under every belief and thought is able to resist, struggle and maintain its existence and perpetuating creating its values.

Our people, especially those who believe in Pirshalyar, are well aware and firmed that the divisive and destructive policies of the enemy, especially in the contemporary centuries, have affected a great hit to our cultural existence and beliefs and the current Iranian regime continues this conspiracy and division in all political, cultural and other dimensions.

Kurdistan society of all stratums, category, religions and beliefs is still struggling for liberation on its struggle path, how of the Kurdistan Liberation Movement has taken this path with its powerful scouting, revived hope in the hearts of our people, and with sacrificing thousands of martyrs, has contributed its valued greatly.

As the Committee for Religions and Beliefs of the “Democratic Society and Freedom of East Kurdistan (KODAR)”, while congratulating the believers of Pirshalyar and the participants in this three-day ceremony, we invite our people to symbolise their cultural and national resistance with the aim of thwarting the conspiracies of the enemies and strengthen the lines of their unity.

It is hope that with full vigilance and awareness, the social and religious ceremonies of Pirshalyar will achieve national unity, the preservation of our cultural identity and the freedom of our people in all aspects of the struggle. KODAR pledges that we will not renounce until the realisation of the freedom of our people and oppressed people and beliefs.

The Committee of Religions and Beliefs of KODAR

03 February 2021


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