31 January 2021

After the abrogation of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War in the beginning of the last decade of the last century, political, economic, and military alliances, etc., the power method between the Soviet bloc and the West was degenerated. As it was expected, similar to the previous stages; the superpowers authorities began to divide the areas under the control of the losers. A new redesign of the advantages of the regions under their influence was being planned.

The State-nationalist system, which in the past century has being well established by the interests of the world’s superpowers in this region, needed to be updated according to the current circumstances and method state of affairs. The devolution and design of the Middle East had become a topical and current need.

Nevertheless, the main obstacle of the plan in the region was the APO’s movement and the leader APO. Therefore, with an evaluation based on a fundamental and subjective circumstance of the past and the present by necessary designing and formulating the ideological and philosophical infrastructure, to reconstruct the colonised and ruined personality of Kurds, a new willing and organising as crucial essentials of the current period for the great democratic and the country’s freedom task performed.

Therefore, in a long conspiracy and long process, with a wide, multifaceted, and unconventional agenda, by capturing the leader and imprisoning him on the island of Imrali, they thought that they have left the Kurdish people in a state of despair, devastated volition and weakness. Fortunately, as we have seen, Imrali became a innermost of the prosperous of struggle and our people were more united and stood and stand by ever before, and the plans and plots of our enemies and foes were frustrated ineffective and one after the other.

After the obnoxious conspiracy on 15th February 1999, our vigilance and lively people, daily and eternally have taken actions in front of the international institutions, streets and squares of cities around the world. The aims of the strugglers with the tireless struggle for international liberalism of expression, the loyalists of peace, human rights and democracy in all corners of the world have been concerned to their holy targets and made the enemies and foes shocked of transforming the beneficiaries of the legitimate dose of the Kurdish people.

Nowadays, and in the aftermath of the Third World War in the Middle East, our self-sacrificing and struggling people should to widen the scope of our global struggle of the opportunity, which has been created by their self and should use all their strength and ability for achieving the legitimacy goals as well as the freedom of the president.

By aiming that, the various activities will be organised between the first and the fifteenth of February. We call on our great people in general and people of East Kurdistan abroad in particular, all women, men, young people, democracy, peace activists, human rights activists, and the advocates of freedom, justice, and dignity of humanity for participating the activities around the world to release the leader APO and campaign sign petition actively.

Organizations of the Kurdistan Freedom Life Party (PJAK) – Europe

31 January 2021


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