23 January 2021

Some of the detainees

K.N.K stated that in this month alone, about 100 people have been arrested in East Kurdistan; a large number of them are girls and women, in return for urging all parts of Kurdistan to “express and support the suffering, sacrifice and self-sacrifice of East Kurdistan.”
The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) issued a message today regarding the public detaining Kurdish youth in East Kurdistan.

The statement contains “The people of Iran, especially the people of Kurdistan, have been subjected to a tyrannical system that is taking over all spheres of society and giving the people a chance to speak out against each other, and it is creating a climate of discrimination and racism among the people in order to distance and segregate the people.” Put them in the people and keep them busy with each other’s conflict.

In addition of the statement; “At the same time, the state has contrived into the trap of criminal data and falsehoods to accuse individuals, who want to talk about democracy, freedom, bread and water even in the slightest way. ” The state accuses and seals them of treachery, impurity, and blasphemy against ordinary citizens, and for the purpose of surveillance, public detaining and showing its face.

According to the statement in the first three weeks of the first month of this year alone, about 100 people have been arrested and displaced, a significant number of whom are girls and women. All of these have no any access to have lawyers and even the protections the laws that the Islamic Republic of Iran itself maintains.

K.N.K has mentioned in a climate of dictatorship and sectarian and religious fascism, unemployment, poverty, and misery, the people who seek refuge in the heat of ignorance and self-denial, most of whom are women, are the only ones who are even not allowed to do *Kollbar.

K.N.K has defined in its statement, that the regime “brought off an atmosphere of dictatorial, sectarian and religious fascism, disturbed unemployment, poverty and misery of the people, that depressed those who recourse suicide of helplessness and deprivation, most are women.” The regime even prevents all ways of doing the *Kollbar and wants to crouch people by starving and forcing them to surrender to their current situation, family problems and the disintegration of people close to each other, and the neighbours and partners are part of the disease that the politic and economy circumstance brought off.

In the statement, K.N.K points ” The Kurdish people and other people of Iran should not forget the main aim and not becoming part of the state’s inning; unity and concurrence of the people of Kurdistan are the only factors that will lead us to an obvious fortune and the horizon as an essential potentially. And also the responsibility of the Kurdistan strugglers must be to increase the figure of friends and allies for the freedom struggle and to schedule the situation in Kurdistan”.

“The Iranian and Turkish governments are in the midst of the great political and economic crisis and at the international level, are becoming more and more marginalized, distrustful and dark, and the authorities of the Islamic Republic try to show the opposite by increasing coercion and intimidation.”

The K.N.K calls on all parts of Kurdistan; “Defend the efforts, victims and sacrifices of East Kurdistan and express your voice and support them and continue to struggle for the unity of Kurdistan. Political prisoners are the high and the leaven of our struggle.

Victory in any part of Kurdistan is a victory for all of us and any kind of loss is a loss for all of Kurdistan. It will surely defeat the occupation and obscurant in Kurdistan, and the struggle for the freedom of the people of Kurdistan will be victorious. “

*Kollbar: a transporter (Most of them are Kurdish) of items by using his/ her back and shoulders, normally is between the boarders of Kurdistan parts in Iran, Turkey, Iraq and Syria.

The source: Rojnew