In a video message for Newroz, Zîlan Vejîn the co-chair of PJAK (Free Life Party of Kurdistan) invited people to express their demands in Newroz and said: “If people and political parties be internally united considering the status of Iran, Rojava’s achievement can be repeated in Rojhelat as well. The tough year has been passed. Although the Kurds have suffered a lot this year, they in fact have achieved success due to the value of their performance and they caused a consistent political situation in the region.”

Zîlan Vejîn emphasized on the expansion of the struggle as well as the increasing pressure by the regional governments on the Kurdish people in the new year and said: “Newroz must be the day of national unity and the invincible frontline to stand up against any threat.”

Vejîn also demanded to hold the Newroz collectively and repeat the days of Kobanê and Bakur’s supporting.

Vejîn mentioned how KDP-Iraq in south of Kurdistan (Başur) tried to invade Şengal and YBŞ by the order of Turkey and asked the people to make their objection clear against such behavior.

Zîlan Vejîn said Newroz is the trans nationality and cross party celebration, and sympathizers of Rojhelat’s parties (Komele, Democrats and PJAK) should declare for internally unity with their presence in Newroz celebrations.