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Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) is a Kurdish Political Party which was founded on 27th November 1978. The prime goal of the PKK was to represent Kurdish people political, socially and economically. However, because of the structural vagueness of Turkish politics and zero tolerance governments of the time adopted against the PKK’s congress members and Kurds in general as a matter of necessity the political struggle was transformed to a combination of armed and political struggle. Turkish state for the last 90 years used all the means in her possession to annihilated Kurdish culture, language, history and identity.

In 36th anniversary of PKK’s foundation the steering committee of PKK has announced a statement for Kurdish nation and other nations of Middle East which has been translated by the staff below:

To all Nations, brothers and Sisters in Middle East

This year, on 27th of November PKK will enter its 36th year of struggle. As always our nation has started celebrations earlier. Apoist group which was emerged in 1973 guided Kurdish nation from non-existence to existence and from slavery towards freedom. In 1978 PKK formally declared its political existence. This day is the celebration of revive of Kurdish nation. We celebrate revive of our nation from today, and we salute leader Apo (leader Abdullah Ocalan) who started with a great struggle of freedom and brought it until today. We remember our 40 thousands of martyrs with respect whom half of them are cadres of PKK and we owe them all these achievements we currently have.

History of PKK is the history of valuing struggle by remembering martyrs. The martyrdom of Heki Karer became the basis and reason of foundation of party, and resistance inside prisons with Hayri Durmuş and Kemal Pir leadership was the basis of returning to the country. The martyrdom of Mahsum Korkmaz paved the way for guerilla to become an army and martyrdom of Binefş Agal and Kamuran Dundar opened the way for struggle of revive. With the martyrdom of Bêrîtan, freedom movement of women changed in a way that it became an army of women.

Martyrdom of Mihemed Sincar, Wedat Aydin, Muhsin Melik and tens of thousands of other martyrs became the promise of improving the struggle of revive. Nucan, Mahir, Sidar, Nudal, Adil and their comrades along with the operation of 1st June 2004 against the international conspiracy, improved the struggle of freedom and democracy and proved that it is impossible to solve the Kurdish question without leader Apo and PKK. Huseyin Mahir, Mihemed Guyi, Mehmed Goyi, Çîçek Botan, Rojîn Gewda, Kerim Şirnaxî and Reşîd Serdar are like symbols of struggle for freedom. Şîlan, Rostem, Xebat and Sadiq as gonfaloniers and creators of Rojava’s (western Kurdistan) uprising, became the gonfaloniers of freedom and democracy in the Middle East.

Our nation whom is struggling to protect freedom which PKK achieved through its struggle and the improvements which the Kurds achieved are result of uninterrupted struggle of people’s self-defense forces.

Kurdish people by saying “PKK is the Nation and Nation is here” undeniably they are considering PKK as the brain and the heart of the Kurdish Nation. By getting closer to the 36th anniversary of PKK foundation, we are stepping forward for a free and democratic life. For achieving greater victories we should celebrate the foundation of PKK everywhere. The truth is that PKK will never be destroyed must be shouted and brake benighted forces that make barrier in front of co-existence of nations. We should show to our friends and enemies that except democratization and solving Kurdish question there is not any other way. We should show it to everyone that not only in Kurdistan PKK is the source of hope, but also it is the source of hope for all nations of the Middle East. Every village, town, and city of Kurdistan must raise and celebrate the 36th anniversary of PKK. Anywhere that the excitement of PKK foundation is alive, these celebrations should become the celebration of freedom of leader Apo and of a free woman.

Leadership committee of Kurdistan Worker’s Party – PKK


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