Two year passed since the glorious epic of Qendil, the epic that the authenticity of a nation was manifested in the amount of history of resistance and will of all nations. The epic of Qendil, is the true evidence of this fact that the Kurdish people have never surrendered and bowed to the invaders and occupiers of Kurdistan. In a war which the army of Iran invaded Qendil with the illusion of destroying and conquering the seed of the Kurdish liberation movement in Qendil -this historical castle of resistance-but it had faced to the fierce resistance of guerrillas and the great epic of children of this nation, the illusion that will never become a reality. Because, the resistance and strength of Kurdish nation is rooted in their culture and it is undeniable truth, the true epic that quashed all the suppressive policies of occupiers of Kurdistan.

Defending the moral values of a nation is the real existence and identity of every nation. The occupiers of Kurdistan have never been able to weaken this nation for a moment in their demand to achieve freedom by the policies of attack and assaulting. The epic that created unity and support of Kurds in all parts of Kurdistan, is a great achievement and eternal reality, that was obtained by the martyrdom of heroic guerrillas like “Simko Serheldan” and “Sarina Uner”, “Egid Tushpa” and “Befrin Chlcheme”, all a symbol of heroic resistance of a nation and manifestation of historic will of resistance. The epic of resistance of PJAK´s guerrillas and the revolutionary mission of the children of the nation, that was impossible without the support of Kurds in four parts of Kurdistan, proved the unity among Kurds. The achievements of this epic constitute the strategy of Kurdish nation, are including: the necessity of organizing people and the policy of third way for achieving to the rights and demands of Kurdish nation in Eastern Kurdistan. The epic of Qendil, as the origin of struggle and resistance, is the new chapter in the history of struggle and legitimate self-defence of Kurds.

Once again by remembering these martyrdoms we announce our promise to continue their way.

Coordination of Free Life Party of Kurdistan