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The Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) condemned execution and mass arrests of Kurdish political activists in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In recent days, Islamic Republic of Iran has intensified pressure on Kurds, especially on Kurdish political activists. As a result of these pressures, several political activists in cities of Sine (Sanandaj), Mehabad, Shno and Pawe in eastern Kurdistan have arrested, and detained for yet unknown reasons.

Meanwhile, ‘Eli Ehmed Suleyman’ Kurdish political activist, sentenced to execution. Yet, he already sentenced to five-year in prison and he had passed his custody period.

Today, Iranian regime has intensified its pressure while the liberation struggle of the Kurds has reached its peak and finding a peaceful solution for the Kurdish issue and acknowledging the ‘Kurdish reality and rights’ imposes itself. But Iranian Regime has not been willing to take any steps that would lead to a solution to the Kurdish issue. Instead, regime tries to repress political atmosphere in eastern Kurdistan.

Arrests and execution sentences for Kurdish political activists, especially in the current stage of negotiation in northern Kurdistan contains a message against Kurds in which Iranian regime insists on destructive and militarized policies.

Without doubt Kurds would not accept behavior of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

We as the Free Life party of Kurdistan (PJAK) condemned Iranian regime’s policies. We also warn the Islamic Republic of Iran to seriously revise its policies toward the Kurdish issue. Instead of these policies, Iranian regime must immediately takes serious steps to the Kurdish question. Iranian regime must know it well that with these policies Kurdish nation do not stop struggling for their freedom and rights, and Kurds determine to achieve their goals.

We also want our nation in eastern Kurdistan to promote their struggle in all areas. It is necessary to promote struggles, and we begin with slogan “Freedom or Freedom” in this year’s Newroz.

At the end, we invite the Kurdish nation to collectively celebrate Newroz, and commence new stage in our struggle for freedom.

The Coordination of Free Life Party of Kurdistan – PJAK


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