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Zimanê Kurdî

ANF, News Desk — Despite immense difficulties and threats from the regime, the Kurdish language institution (Saziya Zimanê Kurdî) introduced education in the Kurdish language in the cities of Rimelan and Girkê Legê. Similar steps have been taken in a number of cities, radically changing the Syrian educational system, most notably in the city of Efrîn were 200 teachers of the Kurdish language were graduated. Western Kurdistan is slowly seeing the Kurdish language being incorporated in the public school system, making it a part of the curriculum.

UN panel investigation on war crimes in Syria states that war crimes are carried out by both government forces as well as by armed rebels. The independent investigation led by Paulo Pinheiro (renowned Brazilian diplomat and legal scholar) has called on the UN Security Council to refer the violators to the International Criminal Court.

Firat News Agency