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QENDIL, — PJAK guerrilla forces are well prepared to respond to any attack by the Iranian regime, said Rezan Cawid a member of coordination of Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) in an interview with Hawlati newspaper on 3th December.

Hawlati newspaper published in Southern Kurdistan interviewed Rezan Cawid a member of coordination of Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) asking questions about the situation of Eastern Kurdistan.

Pointing to the military forces of PJAK in Eastern Kurdistan Cawid observed: PJAK has forces in all parts of Eastern Kurdistan. PJAK now is stronger than any time before and can respond to any attack by the Iranian regime.

Asked about the ceasefire held between Iran and PJAK, and as to whether PJAK is considering armed struggle? Cawid said:

After the Qendil war, a ceasefire was declared. Actually, the policy of PJAK is based on self-defense; until the Iranian regime does not attack PJAK and the achievements of Kurdish nation, we are bound by this ceasefire, but if they attack, undoubtedly, we would give them necessary responses.

In regard to the repercussion of changes in one part of Kurdistan to the other parts Cawid said: Undoubtedly, any change in one part affects the other parts of Kurdistan and we are ready for any changes in the region and Kurdistan.

In the end of the interview, about relation between PJAK and other political parties in Eastern Kurdistan Rezan Cawid said: we have friendly relations with most parties and continue to strengthen our relation with them in all areas.