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KARAJ, Iran, — Zanyar and Luqman Muradi two Kurdish political prisoners on death row, who have been detained for the last three years in Rajaeeshahr prison in Karaj city, where they have been subjected to systematic tortures, have written a letter to the public casting light on the statement made by Meriwan Friday Prayer, in reference to their innocence.

“It has been more than three years that we are being detained,” reads the letter and continues; “Despite the calamities and the hardship we have endured so far, being detained in Rajaeeshahr prison which is far away home, has added to our sufferings and pains,”

These two Kurdish political prisoners that have been sentenced to death note in their letter that the accusation of killing and assassination imposed on our case could not be affirmed.

Although the investigators, they said in the letter, forced us under tortures to confess to the crimes we had not committed, more importantly, is the statement made by Meriwan Friday Prayer who has showed his willingness and consent for our release. But nothing has been done in this direction, they add.

Luqman and Murad said that they are at imminent risk of execution in prison and the looming possibility of execution has had a huge impact on their psychological condition.

At the end of the letter they remind that Meriwan Friday Prayer may know better than anyone that they had not been killer and will not.

What is surprising, they said, is the fact that despite the repeated consent of Friday Prayer for our release and despite his request for our freedom, no change in our condition has been made thus far.