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ANKARA, Turkey, — Turkish Prime Minister, who is pressing for war and hostility in Kurdistan, has threatened the Kurdish political prisoners with the re-emergence of execution. “In the context of anti-terror law, execution would be put on agenda,” he said.

This threat from Erdogan comes when the Kurdish hunger strikers in Turkey have entered 61st day of their fast today.

Replying journalists in a press conference Erdogan threatened the Kurdish political prisoners with gallows and the act of executions in the context of what he calls “anti-terror” law.

Asked about Oslo negotiations and the possibility of any such negotiations taking place at the current time, he said, all rights of Kurds have been granted.

“We always say that this is we who are in charge of the processes of national unity, co-existence and brotherhood. From what kinds of rights you have been deprived?” he said and claimed that the Kurdish people have enjoyed all ranges of rights enjoyed by each and every nation in the world.

It should be noted that the demands of the Kurdish hunger strikers in Turkey is the use of mother tongue in defence trials/public and a better prison condition for the Kurdish national leader Abdullah Ocalan who has been denied of family and lawyers visits for the last 15 months.