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SERDESHT, — A Kurdish kolber was gunned down by the Iranian Border Guards on the Serdesht region, local sources report.

Kolbers are those workers ferrying goods such as tea, sugar, fuel, and crystal across the border selling them in the black market.

According to the latest correspondence Ebuber Mewlanayi 22 years old from Serdesht city was trapped in ambush set by the Iranian Border Guards on Thursday 11 October.

Mr. Mewalanyi got seriously wounded by the shooting of the Border Guards when he was trapped in their ambushes. He was taken to Sulemani hospital in South Kurdistan, the sources said.

The wounds of 22 years old Mewlanayi were beyond treatment and he died today of the wounds.

It should be added that 8 heads of horses belong to these kolbers were also killed by the Border Guards.