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Siyamand Moeni

12 November 2021

Kurdistan is going through a dangerous strategic and historic channel. An agenda for the conservative system of the central state is almost completely revealing its immoral and fascist face to the peoples of the region. The central states of the region are in talks with the superpowers’ agenda. At the same time, with no any such example of conflicts and rivalry are pursued in the form of a hidden and open field between all the power players.

These few sentences demonstrate us that the region is being spun in an unimaginable crisis, and that it covers a large threat to the region’s future, and especially involves the Kurdistan fate in its sinister shade, and this conspiracy needs to be studied and investigated for a fundamental solution of the losses.

With the collapse of the Ba’athist regime and the collapse of Saddam Hussein, a golden opportunity had been provided for the Kurds in general and for the South Kurdistan in particular. Everyone knows that in the aftermath of the Halabja’s tragedy, an international legitimated law has achieved for the Kurds in the South Kurdistan. Simultaneously, on the project of globalization of neoliberalism in the purpose to achieve the interests of the capitalist, this opportunity became a real arena in Iraq. The Kurds and the Kurdish leadership at that time faced a historic experiment, and the eyes of global politics had been evaluating every step of the Kurds. As we realise, after the First World War and the division of the region between European colonialism and the establishment of a state-nation copied system, led by England and France, this process for the continuation of this system, again, is being taken on a completely different dimension.

The lack role of the Southern Kurdish leadership in the arena of strategic and national planning has provided a golden opportunity for the occupation system of Kurdistan to continue its occupation. The behaviour and policies of the Iraqi Democratic Party, especially the leadership and agenda of the Barzani’s family, who sacrificed their national interests in economic and political dealings with the occupiers of Kurdistan, are another rate of historical betrayal of the period. The governing system of the Southern Kurdistan, which has been monopolised by the Barzani’s family, is clearly moving towards the policies of education and the promotion of the national spirit, in the field of policies of the occupying system.

Once upon a time, they were servant of the Iranian occupation system, once upon a time were servant of the Ba’athist occupation regime and currently they have tied their contact with the AKP fascist government, that it is impossible for this family to escape from this relationship. This system has weakened the national spirit and disbelieved in the future of South Kurdistan in particular and Kurdistan in general. Serving and observance the occupation policy in Kurdistan from the Iraqi Democratic Party, which is led by the Barzani’s family, has established a non-national and non-democratic system in the arena of Kurdistan politics, which has eradicated the human and democratic values of the region bases, and is directly contributing to the occupation process on Kurdistan. It has even its effect, which caused on the weakness and unwillingness of the opposition in the Kurdistan Region. This effect has turned that the opposition has been converted to a formless and unprofessional strategy, whose target was to achieve power and to imitate a corrupt and parasitic power, which in its continuing takes steps and in its turn produces mass despair.

This system and method of political, serves the occupiers of Kurdistan’s advantages directly, and generates anti-libertarianism and anti-patriotism for the occupiers, which prevents the revolutionary and liberation movement in Kurdistan. Therefore, we can analyze that the representation and the politic, especially by the Barzani’s family of the current period are only serving the occupiers’ agenda, and the remnant shade of Lausanne is still over Kurdistan. Their existences at this period cause of generating retarded and continuing the occupation in Kurdistan, which only the nation and homeland would be detrimental.

The Eastern Kurdistan, due to its geopolitical and geographical differences and at the same time a special political background, has not been able to actively have a crucial role in the events and developments in the region in this period of alteration. Accordingly, more and more it has followed the events, and has expected await policy. Expectations have weakened the initiative, and for the rest of the day, searching for events has generated an unhealthy system that has in general led to populism and despair to the people. This pessimism does not mean that the Kurds in the Eastern Kurdistan will not be able to play a leading role as a democratic and a deciding factor in the process of transforming. Therefore, we can define this period as preparation.

A part of the obstacle until present we can point to;

Dispersion and the lack of a transparent strategy of the parties that they have been convoluted of their sided various reasons.

There is also the dispersion of liveliness and people power and the lack of a decision-making centre and public that has become dispersion and efficient liveliness. In the long term, this method is difficult to witness to achieve the public confidence.

Therefore it is crucially required for stability and the future of the Eastern Kurdistan to perform the historical role by every loyal person. The historical opportunities in the short-term process provide events. The active and wisdom nation is the guarantee of achieving the democratic and freedom demand. Ignoring for not to be active in politics at this sensitive period, it would not open the freedom gate of the historical epoch, which it would be an immense loss.

As we have witnessed in the revolution of the Iranian people due to the potential dispersion of the revolution, the conservative forces have been able to take the field, and it is about half a century of the Iranian people that have been suffered under the dark dictatorship. By accessing the Islamic Republic of Iran to the power, the political Islam in the region has been able in the Middle East to attain the field. Therefore it is important to make a historical and rational consideration of the developments in this sensitive period and to plan for the future of the region, and especially of Kurdistan, with far distance from the tensions and ideological ambiguity a schedule should be formed.

Very briefly if I make a direct reference to the subject, I can state that during this period when the agenda of the superpowers is altering in the region and interests are emerging at the regional level, the conscious people can assure the national and liberal advantages by relying on the power and willing in an organised form. We witness that dangers are constantly altering, and this issue appears to everyone. The occupation system, with the support of Kurdistan’s local conservatives and its populist agenda in the purpose of misleading public, seeks to maintain its hegemony over Kurdistan. Simultaneously, with collapsing the revolutionary characters, wants to constrict of the revolutionary spirit and guarantee its sinister design plan of the occupation policy. Therefore, it is important that during this period, we move forward with a united spirit and not to give the opportunity for invasion and internal conservative.

The role of the Enlightenment and the revolutionary figure in this period needs to be made obvious, and in the conduct of two-sided and populist discourse ineffectively, therefore the libertarian and national interests are being harmed. The period is sensitive and we need to treat the fissure in all fields with an understanding of the sensitivity of the period and the dangers of the future and not to remain opportunity for the occupiers, which would be achieved only by a proper environment politic and the united nation and people.

Siyamand Moeni

12 November 2021



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