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تیرۆر، ناتوانێت گەلی کورد لەئازادی دابڕێنێت

On the third anniversary of the martyrdom of human rights activists, patriotic personalities and supporters of our party, Martyr Iqbal Muradi, we commemorate all the martyrs in the path of freedom and we reaffirm our commitment to the path of our martyrs.

The terrorist and dark follower forces of the Iranian occupation regime on 8th July 2018, as a result of a terrorist act assassinated the head of the Kurdistan Human Rights Organization, Haval (comrade) Iqbal Muradi cruelly, who also was a supporter of PJAK and the patriotism of our people. Therefore once again we strongly condemn this act of terrorism and its similar acts.

Martyr Iqbal spent his entire life for the freedom of the people and the nation, and for the attainment of tireless freedom and democracy in the task and struggle of the nation and the revolution. He struggled against the authoritarian and oppression of the occupiers and fascism in the difficult period of life, to assure the victory for his people in the Kurdistan Revolutionary Movement.

In Kurdistan, he combined a rebellious and struggle, which never kneed in the face of the Iranian occupier regime. He presented his a favourite son as Zanyar Moradi to his people. Zanyar had always been in the thinking of freedom for the people and Kurdistan till his last seconds of his life.

Martyr Iqbal Murady was one of the most socialist and patriotic figures of the Kurdish people who started the freedom revolution with his personality and his family. His name and personality mark are always having shined in the hearts of the people. Martyr Iqbal willingly was implementing his responsibilities and with performing the revolutionary task would become relaxed. He was one of the personalities of the Eastern Kurdistan, who entirely believed by the politics of the Kurdish National Union.

He could not endure in the face of the attacks and invasions of Kurdistan and continued on his own attitude of the democratic and liberal. For this sake with the tireless efforts of Martyr Iqbal had distressed the dream of the occupiers of Iran and the Kurdish mercenaries, which they could not endure his presence with his loyal and patriotic character.

The sadness and concern are that the criminals of the terrorist attack have not yet been known to the public by the Kurdistan Regional Government officials and have not been judged. The terrorists in the Kurdistan Region routinely commute, assassinate Kurdish people and repeat similar actions. The careless and irresponsible by the Kurdistan Regional Government officials proved that terrorist actions in the Southern Kurdistan Region are being increased. As a result of the silence and non-national attitude of the southern officials, civil and political activists of other parts of Kurdistan face terrorism and assassination on a daily basis.

The sadness is that the killers of the martyrs Kamala Khera Penjwini and Iqbal Muradi, are still unknown and have not been handed over to the justice. Behruz Rahimi, known as (Rebin), a civil activist, a patriotic figure, was once again assassinated by unknown individuals and terrorist forces in the village of Jalleh in Sulaymaniyah province. We strongly condemn any terrorist act.

We call on the officials of the Southern Kurdistan Regional to ownership a national attitude against the terrorists of the Iranian invader regime and the Kurdish mercenaries. The killers of the Kurdish strugglers should be faced to the justice and simultaneously we would like to express our condolences to the families of the patriotic comrades and the Kurdish people in the Eastern Kurdistan.

Behruz Rahimi had struggled for years to serve the people and the nation as a loyal figure and a civil activist and dissident against the Iranian invader regime. The effectiveness of his activity and struggle is prominent in public opinion. He had immigrated with his family to southern Kurdistan because of the tyranny and oppression of the Iranian invader regime. Despite the hardships and difficulties of life and the threats and intimidations of the regime, he did not give up the struggles of his people. As a civil activist and a loyal and sympathetic figure of the nation, he was performing his duties. Therefore, terror and violence can never keep away our people from achieving their goals, because the insistence of our people and the tireless efforts of the patriots have proved the fact that these terrorists cannot undermine or weaken freedom.

Therefore, attacks and other terrorist attacks in such a way that the patriots and strugglers of East Kurdistan are targeting in the South of Kurdistan are a crucial urgency of the investigation. The relevant centres in the Southern Kurdistan Regional must clarify to the public as soon as possible on the terrorist act.

At the same time, we call on the Kurdish patriots and activists in the Southern and Eastern Kurdistan and out of Kurdistan to confront these actions of terrorism. The Kurdish patriots and activists in the Southern and Eastern Kurdistan and out of Kurdistan must not tolerate the terrorist attacks on the heroic strugglers of our people. The Kurdish patriots and activists must own their loyal and strugglers. In the spirit of the National Union, the plans of genocide and massacre of the Kurds must be thwarted.

The Kurdistan Freedom Life Party’s Council – PJAK

17 July 2021



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