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The elections are also a part of the plan to militarise Kurdistan

While the political and social circumstances of a country are faced to a democratic transformation due to greater chaos, and if the regime does not take action to transform the circumstances, the chaotic situations will become even more disturbed, that all the string of the intertwined society be disarranged. The system of the Divine Republic of Iran has recently been in such a deplorable state. Whether it must change, or its gaps with the society will gradually wider and further, and then will collapse. In today’s political arena, the discussion over the 13th election of 1400 (2021) and its actual useless furnace has brought the protesting community to its senses, and it has given it a radical character. The main issue of the society is undoubtedly boycotted. The Kurds, however, face bigger issues such as resistance to the policy of cultural genocide and the attacks of Turkey, beyond the issue of showy elections and appointive.

Insulting the consciousness of the conscious community

The divine and anti-democratic system of Iran intends to launch an orderly and showy election with the predominant content of the appointive, and by insulting the consciousness of the strata, of using the existence of the individuals and strata of the oppressed society as a tool for the furnace of the elections. Today, however, the society has become more vigilant and aware. The obvious difference between the current elections and the previous ones is the confrontation of the corrupt authoritarian with the radical reaction of the society as a democratic solution to the boycott.

The public opinion believed that during an election show of fake election coverage, Khamenei’s authoritarian representative was moulded and imposed on voters, and ridiculing with the consciousness of the people, they are asked to vote. Nowadays, it has been proven that the Iranian regime, with its corrupt structure, has no legitimacy without the people. Khamenei, using his exclusive dictatorial apparatus in all provinces of Iran, confiscates all material and immaterial resources and uses them in the service of the interests of his power and money to appoint his favourite person to the position of president. Setting this action of corrupting is fundamentally contrary to all the principles of democracy.

The society can only exist with the concept and meaning of democracy and this has been proven by history apparently, but the Divine Republic of Iran, has risen up against the history of humanity. Khamenei, with the feeling of a great danger has repeatedly stood behind the tribune, and has demagogically insulted the consciousness and thoughtful of the society, obviously, because he knows that with a widespread boycott, the legitimacy of his deceptive system is being lost, he is being resorted to the Fatwa tool of the Islamic politic. The ever tool of the regime has been for compel and intimidation to attract sections of the society to the polls. They want to completely erase the memory of the society from all the horrible killings of the democratic protests of December 2017-January 2018 and October-November 2019.

It is entirely clear that in the event of the disgraceful defeat of the fundamentalists in this period, Iran will be on the path of change. Therefore, the fear’s authoritarian regime that, Khamenei has been forced him to use “the Islamic political” against “the social Islam” to deprive the protesters community of all its will before the elections. Khamenei uses the Fatwa tool as the most powerful anti-people weapon, which is basically not a Fatwa but an ultimatum. Instead of demonstrating the Fatwa tool at this show the power of cohesive plans to save the crisis-stricken society, they are about how to save the government from the wrath and of the protesters people. All surveys to an unprecedented and historic boycott of the elections, unless the regime uses force, intimidation, deception, and the use of all material and spiritual resources to compel some people to the polls, which is more of a war and militaristic scenario. The election has been basically militarised.

The reliable and democratic principle is not the election of one person, but the radical change of the “structure of the current regime of Iran” and its democratisation and creation. The whole apparatus of the Revolutionary Guards has been mobilised to prevent the collapse of the corrupt structure and they have positioned Raisi and Rezaei at the head of its command. This is a declaration of obvious war against the people. The divine government is trying to achieve access to “money and power” resources in order to maintain its current authoritarian, otherwise, the arena of the political, economic, and social crises is spacious that it has demonstrated itself in the form of hunger and unemployment along with the moral-political collapse. The society obviously calls that they do not tolerate this tragic circumstance.

The Corona crisis, the crisis of the environment and drought, the crisis of the empty food table of families, brings about hundreds of other crises and suffocates society under its rubble. There is no hesitation that Iran will be on the path of change if the society boycotts to the extent of taking the stand of the Revolution of 1957 during a popular democratic movement.

Kurdistan is facing an enormous war

All four parts of Kurdistan are facing an enormous and absolute war in which neither the region of southern Kurdistan nor other parts are safe.

This war in East Kurdistan has sometimes demonstrated itself as the suppression of the political and civil activists, imprisonment, torture and execution, and sometimes as divisiveness among the Kurdish community by the Revolutionary Guards and the House of the Leadership of the regime. The killing of Kurdish Kollbars, the widespread arrest of the political, civil and environmental activists in East Kurdistan, the implementation of the poverty alleviation programs of the Velayat-e-Faqih (Divine Authoritarian) and the Guards throughout the provinces of East Kurdistan, along with the policy of “make divisive then do governing” , which was recently observed by everyone during the Salafist attack on the people of Sanandaj and Marivan, as well as the divisiveness of sections of the Kermanshah society against each other, which is the creation of the fake religious war.

There is only one path for the Eastern Kurdish society to the definite protects the achievements of the Kurdistan Revolution, and that is through the unity and solidarity that has been achieved in recent years. The corrupt authoritarian of Iran is terrified of this alliance and has become involved in what it has been committing criminally for the past forty years. The action of divisiveness, dividing the society into two fronts, creating national and religious splitting between them, the authoritarian uses nationality, religion and belief as a tool to penetrate the ducts of the life channels and deceiving the Kurdistan society.

The action of divisiveness, dividing the society into two fronts, creating national and religious splitting between them, the authoritarian uses nationality, religion and belief as a tool to penetrate the ducts of the lives channels and deceiving the Kurdistan society. The action of divisiveness, dividing the society into two fronts, creating national and religious splitting between them, the authoritarian uses nationality, religion and belief as a tool to penetrate the ducts of the lives channels and deceiving the Kurdistan society.

Such as “the Democratic and Free Society of East Kurdistan (KODAR)” We entirely believe that the society, as before, can overcome any crisis issue, if they become aware of the illusion and defiled scenarios of the system. The militarised situation in East Kurdistan is a long-term imposed war against the Kurdish people. Elections are also part of that militarisation program. It is the duty of every Kurdish person to be aware of preventing this political and powerful disaster and to seek solutions to overcome any sedition of the fascist regime in Iran. The first step is to preserve a democratic national unity and to participate actively in spontaneous social activities, the second step is preventing the regime’s political and military interference in the affairs of society is a political and moral duty at the present time. Undoubtedly, the entire Kurdish opposition, especially KODAR, is a strong supporter of our active community and will never leave them alone.

The four parts of Kurdistan, the centre of World War

Nowadays, after Iraq and Syria, the acute of the global hegemonic war has hit the heart of Iran, and because all four parts of Kurdistan are the centre of the world war, accordingly our people in East Kurdistan are somehow involved in the daily threats of international power wars. This is a planned coalition and conspiracy; therefore it should be easily and unequivocally passed over its beside. The war and unrest in every part of Kurdistan will definitely have a significant impact on the fate of other parts of Kurdistan. The Turkish military operations against border areas throughout southern Kurdistan continue at the height of savagery. Accordingly, the same global hegemony uses its regional gendarme, which means Turkey, for the ethnic and national genocide of the Kurds.

Stopping the war for Erdogan, means the collapse of the Turkey’s power and fascism apparatuses. The areas of Zakho, Matina, Avashin, Zagros and Qandil in the centre of all four parts of Kurdistan have been targeted by unprecedented attacks by the fascist Turkish army. This occupation is the military form of the Treaty of Lausanne. The Barzani’s party has placed his Peshmerga force in the service of the Turkish army. This heinous act occurred after the meeting of the “Turkish National Security Council” in the last few days. The Barzani’s party has decided to obey with all of Erdogan’s demands in order to stay in power. The relations between them are a colonial one, and Erdogan uses the atmosphere of southern Kurdistan as the centre of his colonies, from Afrin to Erbil.

This war is gradually threatening all four parts of Kurdistan. Currently that the occupier Turkish army has been crippled against the modern Guerrilla forces, they have practically consigned Barzani in the game. So far, they have used Barzani’s military force on the back lines, but the obvious use and attack on the Guerrilla positions is in fact a serious warning to the Kurdish community. The Barzani’s Government is obviously helping to occupy Kurdistan by using the serious situation of Corona as a repressive tool against our people and preventing them from protesting on the streets. This war at the current step is targeting all mountainous, rural and border areas. In the event of danger of occupation and transformation of those areas as a military buffer zone, the next stage, means the occupation of cities in southern Kurdistan, such as Afrin and Serikani, will begin and the third stage, means demographic change, will be implemented.

Only the national unity and unity of all four parts of Kurdistan with the support of the Guerrillas in the form of the “Kurdistan National Congress” can prevent this great catastrophe. This threat is much more dangerous than the Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) in 2017, who in that year, Iraq and the Popular Mobilisation Forces occupied half of southern Kurdistan. Today, as well, Turkey is trying to occupy the other half of South Kurdistan and, with the help of Barzani and the deception, which considers it as an “easy morsel”. So far, the sacrifice of the Guerrilla forces has prevented this whim of the Turkish fascism and has done their duty, but it is the turn of our people to fulfil their national, patriotic and democratic duty. We, such as KODAR, believe in the existence of this inherent feature of our people.

The radical solution

While a nation such as the Kurdish nation in Iran, Turkey, Iraq and Syria is facing a great and comprehensive war and Kurdistan has become the focus of World War III. Undoubtedly, the Kurdish nation, such as other nations, must achieve its greatest unity and revolution simultaneously. The last days are the days of “guaranteeing the survival and bright future of the Kurdish nation” in the heart of the Middle East. The current struggle form of Guerrilla force is a form for all the world struggles. That is why the enemies are trying to destroy it and prevent it from spreading all over the war-torn world.

Furthermore, the form of the struggle and resistance of our people in the Middle East, which is more complex than the resistance of other nations, even Palestine, has become the hope and pattern of all four parts of Kurdistan and all other nations of the Middle East. Erdogan, uses the power of the Barzani force as a tool of deception and genocide, with the support of the hegemony of the global capitalism, has relied his back on destroying the Kurdish liberation struggle. Therefore, both the struggle of the Guerrilla forces and the struggle of our people have been targeted in a dangerous way.

The greatest weapon of our nation against this comprehensive and absolute war is the radical unity and taking a stand against the enemies, especially the Barzani forces. No power will be able to undermine the democratic force of our united people. Therefore, at the level of all four parts of Kurdistan, unity to prevent war and genocide, and at the level of Iran, radical unity to prevent the continuation of electoral fraud and the prohibition of execution and cultural genocide is the only duty of our people.

The Kurdish liberation movement is also a protector and supporter of all revolutionary movements and the achievements of the liberation and democratic liberation movement, decisively.

The Freedom and Democratic Society of East Kurdistan (KODAR)

07 June 2021



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