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Bikas Kurdistani

On 25th April 2021, the military invader of the colonial and fascist government of Turkey resumed in southern Kurdistan.

On 14th February 2021, the army of the Turkish invader and fascist government, with the coordination and support of the United States, the Iraqi government, and the Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party, attacked the bases of the Kurdistan Liberation Movement (PKK) in the Gareh area near Duhok. Accordingly, the Turkish army faced heavy military-political and diplomatic losses.

The attack was performed with the aim of capturing and attacking the military command centre of the Freedom Movement Guerrillas and abducting 13 captured soldiers in PKK’s prisons. The Turkish army used the chemical and banned weapons in one of the caves where the Turkish captive troops were being held, killed two PKK Guerrillas with their captive soldiers simultaneously. The political reflex and consequences of this military operation were very heavy eventual for the two authoritarian fascist parties in Turkey, both internally and externally.

The 15th of February, was the anniversary of the international conspiracy and abducting of the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan and handover him to the Turkish government officials by the United States in1999. The eventual attack on that date was targeted. The 24th of April is the 106 th anniversary of the 1915 Armenian Holocaust. Between the years 1915-1923, the Ottoman government massacred and genocide more than one million and half million Armenians, who were living in Turkey. After 106 years of these crimes, US President Joe Biden described the act as “genocide.” Evidently, the Armenian genocide is a war crime and the whole world must define it as genocide in order to pay homage to the Armenian people.

Conversely, immediately after Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s telephone interview with Joe Biden, large-scale military attacks on the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) began in the Zap, Matina, and Northern Iraq regions. The world system unmasked its various faces and hands! The United States, on the one hand, recognised the Armenian genocide and, on the other hand, signed the genocide order of the “Kurds”!

Why PKK is the first target and the common target?

The successive US-NATO and coalition governments’ attacks on Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Qarabagh, Iran and Kurdistan are not mutually exclusive. All these attacks are accomplished in the form of a “joint strategy” and a single unit. In fact, the Middle East is under a brutal invasion of the capitalist modernity. The World War III in the public and historical minds of the people of the region is the reminiscent of the Crusades in Jerusalem. With this difference of this time, Kurdistan plays the role of “Holy Quds (Jerusalem)”. Despite the fact that in the Iran region, the United States and Israel are enemies of each other, but on the battlefield, they do not enter into a military war other than political, diplomatic, economic and psychological tensions. Conversely, the tip of spears is aimed at the Kurds and the Kurdish liberation movement.


Why have the United States, Germany and the European Union salvage the effete and consumed government of Erdogan and the Baghcheh Lee government as saviours? Why do the powers of capitalist modernity attempt to keep this regime by paws and front teeth? Why is the Apo leader not allowed to convene with his lawyers, which is one of the most basic human rights? Why has the decision to “prosecute” and consider a “cash prize” been extended to those who exposes the position of the three Kurdish leaders (Jamil Bayek, Duran Kalkan and Murad Karaylan)?

Due to what advantage did, the Biden government recognised the Armenian genocide, and due to what advantage allowed the attack on the PKK strongholds in northern Iraq, which means the Kurdish genocide? Why was Istanbul chosen to host the Taliban-US negotiation? Is the simultaneous attack of the Iraqi government on Shangal (Sinjar), the attack of the “National Defence” forces in the city of Qamishli on the Kurdish people in Rojava and the attack of the army of the colonial and fascist Turkish government just a coincidence? All these coincidences are not only coincidences usual, but refer to the “decision of the world system” regarding the genocide of the Kurds!

Answering these “whys” requires a historical and political analysis that are not fitting in several volumes of the books. However, in a summary, what it should be clear that the Kurds and the Kurdish liberation movement are among the most “priority” targets of the United States and NATO, and this is not directionless! Accordingly, the defense gates of the Middle East are reachable only with the conquer of the “position” and the political-ideological influence of the leader of APO and the PKK.

Unless the influential power pf the leader APO and PKK (whic increasingly is growing day by day) of the peoples of the region, would not revoke and eliminate it will not be possible to penetrate deep into the culture and politics of the Middle East for the powers of capitalist modernity led by the US and NATO. This is one of the most certain political rules of the era and the third world war!

It seems that the colonial and fascist Turkish government is massacring the Kurds arbitrarily and outside the rules of international law-politics! In fact, the Kurdish people are in a forty-year war with the United States and NATO, and this war is going on the battlefield in all its dimensions. The hidden factors in this war are the geostrategic position of Kurdistan and the “Media” protected areas, which are under the control of the PKK and the PKK’s political position and base among the peoples of the Middle East. Except PKK, no power in the Middle East claim to represent “democratic modernity.” Even Iran is not a long-term threat to the United States, NATO, and the hegemonic powers of capitalist modernity. Accordingly, these powers have no “future”, because they have no project and are completely worn out and analysed by the people.

In contrast to the Greater Middle East project, Leader Apo presented the Middle East defence project in the form of “democratic modernity” and now the peoples of the region, relying on their inherent and democratic will, challenge the legitimacy of the nation-state system and hegemonic powers! The unity of the Arab, Kurdish, Assyrian, Syrian and Chaldean peoples under the umbrella of the “Democratic Autonomous Government of North Eastern Syria” made these powers consider a fundamental danger.

Why should the PKK be expelled or purged from Southern Kurdistan?

The Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has repeatedly stated of the expulsion or removal of the Kurdistan Worker Party in northern Iraq. Since only these party leaders express of the expulsion the PKK from these areas, the media and political circles do not take this issue very seriously. Whereas this is a NATO-US strategy expressed in the language of the Barzani’s family.

The most effective method to articulate this strategy is to articulate it by the Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party and its leaders, because if the NATO political leaders and the United States leaders would articulate this policy, it would met with a backlash from the governments of the region, and the NATO’s strategy would be no longer hidden. Also in the political science, a foreign power can demand the expulsion of a native power! Since Kurdistan is the backbone of the Middle East and these regions also form the backbone of Kurdistan. The military sovereignty over these areas means military domination of the Middle East. If we suppose, that PKK would withdraw entirely and 100% from these areas, which forces will be deployed in these areas?

In this way, on the one hand, the United States and NATO get rid of the greatest alternative power of capitalist modernity, which means PKK. On the other hand, the villains and mercenaries affiliated with the colonial and fascist Turkish government will be deployed in these areas. Accordingly, in this way the capitalist and fascist powers will use it against all the powers that oppose the capitalist system until the “final surrender”.

Consequently, it will open one of the largest gates in the Middle East to the United States and NATO. Deploying miscreants in Qarbagh and the borderline of Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria instead of the revolutionary forces of Kurdistan is not a coincidence, but it is a long-term project! If the US and NATO decided to withdraw militarily from Afghanistan and one of the gates of the region was closed to them, they are now trying to open other gates, and this is a step towards the great Middle East project! Meanwhile, the role of the colonialist and fascist government of Turkey and the Kurdistan Democratic Party has been and will be nothing but the miscreants and mercenaries of the capitalist modernity system.

Why are the world Medias silent?

Another contradiction is the silence of the regional and global media regarding the war in Kurdistan. The same Medias that praised and supported the Kurdish revolutionaries in the “Kobani War” are now in complete silence and show no reaction to the genocide of the same Kurds who were “resistance” in Kobani. Undoubtedly, this was and is a big part of the Kurdistan war. In reality, NATO is at war with the Kurds, and if this “war” is exposed from all angles, it will damage to US and NATO interests in the Middle East, severely. Imagine what would happen, if a day the headline in the Financial Times as “The United States and NATO are at war with the Kurds” would be published? Then the content of the Kurdistan war would be reflected in the world newspapers?

The silence of the world Medias about the genocide of the Kurds has been and is a big part of this “hidden genocide”! The Medias of capitalist modernity must be subject to the politics of capitalist modernity, and they are not, as claimed, impartial and independent. In Kobani, political advantages demanded that they are supportive of Kurds against ISIS, but now their advantages demand that they are opposite the Kurds and support the colonial and fascist Turkish government!

If the mask of the Kurdistan war would be unmasked, all the US and NATO plans and projects in the Middle East will be revealed. The United States-European arms companies supply all the Turkish military equipments and technologies used in the “genocide” of the Kurds. If the global Medias only reflect the angles of these relations, the European and American democracies and circles will react to this policy. The American people stood up in the Vietnam War against the United States government and supported the resistance Vietnamese people. The United States government and NATO have gained this experience from the Vietnam War. That is why the war in Kurdistan is being “censored”.

The fate of the Middle East will be determined in the Kurdistan war.

The determiner and coordinator of the Kurdistan War is not the colonial and fascist government of Turkey, but the United States and NATO. The repression of the liberalism Kurds and the expand the military field of the comprador Kurds on the one hand, the instrumental use of the Turkish fascist government with its mercenaries and the Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party against the opposition powers in the Middle East on the other hand. Until the censorship and orientation of politics and the Medias, they all come from a single centre with a common goal and under a single strategy.

That is why the existence war in Kurdistan is trans-partisan and transnational. It would be a great mistake we consider the resistance of the Kurdish Guerrillas over the mountains of Kurdistan as just a defence of the Kurds and Kurdistan. As exactly like the resistance of Salah-Aldin- Ayubi, who did not expel the nation and a group of foreigners from Quds in the name of any nation, the resistance of the heroic Guerrillas of Kurdistan was not and is not only the defence of the Kurds and Kurdistan!

The Kurdish war with the United States and NATO, led by the PKK, is a war of two global projects. Although the Kurdish Guerrillas do not fight directly with the United States and European troops, but the army of the Turkish colonial and fascist government, because it is at war with the Kurds on behalf of the West, the Kurds naturally considerate this war as a war with the United States and NATO. In fact, this project the “Democratic Middle East” is on behalf of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and the “Greater Middle East Project” on behalf of the United States and NATO, which they were at war and were not at war!

From this point of view, the fate of the Middle East is intertwined with the fate of Kurdistan. The victory of “Democratic Kurdistan” will be at the same time the victory of all the nations and peoples of the Middle East and the “Democratic Middle East” project. On the contrary, the victory of the “Greater Middle East Project” will be the victory of the United States, NATO and foreign forces and mercenaries of the regimes.

Therefore, the resistance of the Kurds is not only the defence of Kurdistan; in fact, it has been and is the defence of the historical and cultural values of the Middle East! The resistance against occupation, colonisation and domination has been and is a large part of the history of the Kurds and the nature of their culture. In Kurdish culture, resistance and non-resistance determine the moral content of good and abomination.

The slogan “Resistance is life” is rooted in the culture of thousands of years of history and culture of Kurdistan. Since in Kurdistan and the Middle East, life cannot be lived without resistance. That resistance gives meaning to the social, cultural and human values. The Zagros Mountains once witnessed the resistance of the Hori, Guti, Kasti, Luluyi, and Mads, the ancestors of the Kurds, against foreign aggression, and are now facing the hegemonic powers of the capitalist modernity and internal mercenaries.