On Saturday, 24th April, 2021, a citizen was arrested by the security forces of I.R. Iran in Sna and was taken to an unknown location.

The identity of this the arrested man is Ata-allah Rezarbabi, a resident of Sna.

According to the received reports to KMMK, the Iranian security forces arrested this citizen without Court order.

It is worth mentioning that today 2 residents of Sna, named “Marzieh Gholamavisi” and “Sirvan Abdollahi”, were arrested by the security and intelligence forces of I.R. Iran in Sna and transferred to an unknown location.

Till this report, it is not clear which security agency arrested them and where have they been transferred.

As of this writing no information has been obtained about the charges against Ata-allah Rezarbabi.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association


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