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We will campaign and fight against the oppressive actions of the fascist regime in the Islamic Republic of Iran. We will endeavour to achieve a cohesive unity in Iran and East Kurdistan, to vindicate our active presence in the region:

It is an acknowledged truth, that the current, oppressive, regime in the Islamic Republic of Iran; is a consequence which stems from capitalisms globalization, and populism. Following the uprisings during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, Iran was immersed in unrelenting oppression; the intentions of the people, women and workers have never been realised.

As a result, (and contrary to the desires of the regime) the regime will never have the legitimacy it seeks. In stark reality, it is illegitimacy becoming more entrenched as the years pass.

There are three factors which have played an integral role, in setting the foundations of the regime and securing its power. The first, was the rise of capitalism during the 1970’s and 1980’s, secondly populism and lastly the oppression of the Iranian people.

However, compounding this was the weakness and inability of the political left and democratic thinkers to unite amongst themselves and establish a cohesive opposition and organisation, based on the will of the workers, women, ethnic and minorities/ majorities.

Therefore, it is imperative for all those in the opposition of the regime: the women, the workers, ethnic minorities and the oppressed- to unite, stay firm in its beliefs against the this oppressive and fascist rule.

It should also be noted that the Islamic Republic as a consequence of their own 40 year regime, is in the midst of numerous crises, including Ideological, political, social, economic, military crisis, etc.

In fact, it is in a state of regression, which is entirely of their own making. In a bid to release themselves of accountability, they have alienated, harassed and pointed the blame at the blameless.

It can be said that, the Regime is creating crisis, in an attempt to get out of an altogether different crisis and has been caught in an infinite loop of crisis. This predicament becomes clearer when one explores and understands the Regimes regional and domestic policies. One of the regime’s known tactics, to deal with its crises, is to apply pressure on it’s people and create terror and panic.

This, interestingly, has intensified since the beginning of the New Year, which can be perceived as an indication that they are apprehensive about stability in the region, but it is also an indication that the Regime is facing a greater threat from internal resistance, spearheaded by the oppressed ethnic minorities, the women and the working class.

On one hand, the Islamic Republic of Iran faces immense pressure arising from the negative impact, post-corona virus, on society. Prior to corona-virus, the civilians had expressed discontent and formed mass protests.

In response, the Regime used Corona-virus rules to prevent large gatherings and quash the threat of large-scale rebellion.

On the other hand, the regime faces increasing pressure, caused by the negotiations with America and its new administration.

With this in consideration, the Regime wants to take advantage of the coming election to disperse and oppress any form of resistance.

Simultaneously the Islamic Republic wants to emancipate itself from the foreign policies imposed on it. Hoping to develop diplomatic discourse and relations with the West, in particular with the USA; to, ultimately, begin defusing the various internal crises it faces.

However, one unique problem Iran faces, is the election, unlike many other oppressive regimes, the candidates for the presidency are chosen amongst the administration.

Thus, they do not truly represent an alternative for the people, therefore, it relies on the vote of the people to legitimise its administration and remain in power.

To prevent the people within Iran from banding together, uprising against the regime, and not turning up to vote in the upcoming elections. The regime will begin a campaign of hostilities against organisations and activists, which they will perceive to be a threat.

Ironically, posing a very real threat to the Regime, the uprisings ignited by the oppressed ethnic minorities (Kurds, Baluch and Arabs), the working class and the women, is rooted in the regime’s policies.

This unites civilians across all sectors of society and affirms their fervent unity, is the oppression they face by the Regime.

Finally, as an organisation the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) reaffirms its pledge to stand by the Kurdish people, the workers, the women and all those who fight against the oppression.

We will stand shoulder to shoulder to condemn the Iranian Regime’s criminal behaviour. We invite all activists, including Women and Environmentalists in Iran and East Kurdistan to join us in our struggle against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) Overseas and EU Branches