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09 February 2021

Since the last month and a half, more than 100 people, including men, women, young people whose hearts are beating eagerly for changes in their occupied society and homeland, have been arrested in Kurdistan by regime intelligence.

The reports indicate that arrests continue in Kurdistan. The detainees have been taken to unknown locations and their families are unaware of their fates. The social and political activist detainees have been faced violence by Ettelaat (intelligence). In addition, according to the reached reports five Balooch political prisoners were executed in Zahidan in the same weeks as the wave of arrests in Kurdistan.

The recent executions in Baloochistan and the arrests of political and social activists in Kurdistan and the intensification of pressure on the people are a continuation of the domination of repression and intimidation throughout Iran, especially among the oppressed nations.

The regime knows thoroughly that there is a stagnant wave of detestation and abhorrence among the Kurdish people and other Iranian people towards its authority.

The unquenchable flames of the anger of the Kurdish people, which on the first days of the criminal attack of the regime on Kurdistan in the form of legitimate defences, was scattered. These flames set the establishment and stabilisation of the Kurdish struggling in Kurdistan forever, which impelled the regime’s authority, not to establish its domination everlastingly.

The flame, which has to date been hidden under all surfaces of repression and savagery of the regime, as well as the pandemic conditions of Corona, has never diminished its warmth and has confronted the regime and its occupation of Kurdistan in various forms.

Consequently, by arresting the youth and activists, the regime is attempting to restrain the outbursts of anger of the oppressed people against its inhumane policies, which is a very frustrated hopes of the regime and the regime will never achieve its targets.

Since that the mass protests, however, are not coherent and organized, but it has always been in various forms throughout Iran and Kurdistan by different sections of the society.

The policies of the absolute rule of jurisprudence during 42 years of its crimes have plunged the Iranian society, including poverty, unemployment, drug addiction, woman abuse, child abuse, homelessness, and carton and graveyards sleepers under the rule of the Islamic Republic of Iran into the depths of various intensified crises and have deepen the sufferings of the society.

In addition, dozens of other social problems under the rule of the Islamic Republic of Iran have been suffered into the depths of various intensified crises and have deepened the sufferings of the society.

These factors has caused and will cause uprising of all sectors of the people in Iran, and with the removal of the limitations of the Corona pandemic, broad and coherent uprising will be on the way.

Due to the special features of Kurdistan, including the institutionalised organization in the culture of the Kurdish people’s struggle, the regime of the Islamic Republic launched its first attacks on Kurdistan in order to prevent and cover up the incident before it happened to the youth, men and women activists in Kurdistan. By deceiver imaginations, the regime wishes to deprive the future uprisings of the oppressed people in Iran of their spokespersons and leaders. It is an undeniable fact that the regime is frightened of Kurdistan.

During 42 years, the implementation of politics, becoming poverty, assimilation, denial and repression against the oppressed people in Iran, has not had even the slightest effect on the acceptance and recognition of the regime by the Kurdish people, the regime’s terror fundamental from these features of Kurdistan.

As a result, in order to achieve the regime’s goals of intensifying the security situation, martial law, which has not been declared, arrests and violence against the social and political activists in Kurdistan have been linked to.

There is no hesitation about is that the Kurdish people and all the people of Iran have not been renounced in to the demands of the regime in any way and will continue their struggles in a more interconnected and organised manner. In any case, the arresting must be stopped and the activists must have their rights not be imprisoned alone in the cell.

It is necessary to help those who live in unknown circumstances due to civil activities, defending their beliefs, protesting inequality and discrimination, and given the regime’s brutality towards political and social prisoners, it is thoroughly valid to worry about their situation.

They should help those who live in unknown circumstances because of civic activities, defending their beliefs, protesting inequality and discrimination.

The Kurdish youth inside and outside the country have launched human rights campaigns, Twitter storms and social media in this direction, which is very influence appropriate, appreciated and commendable.

In this regard, the Coordinating Council of the Democratic Platform of Iran calls on all sections of people, liberal people, left wings and democratic institutions, parties and organisations to attempt together for the immediate and unconditional release of the recent detainees in Kurdistan and all political prisoners in all over Iran. In addition, we are also calling for ending the regime’s execution machine and repression against the people.

Coordinating Council of the Democratic Platform of Iran.

Iran Confederal