Over the past two weeks, we have witnessed a new wave of detentions in the eastern Kurdistan. This wave of arrests covers a wide range of activists such as artists, labors, political, and environmental activists. Similar to the past, the Islamic Republic of Iran is attempting to suppress and eliminate the Kurdistan’s civil activists with the conventional stereotypical labels such as “Link to the opposition against the regime and opposition to the Islamic Republic’s principles”

Remarks by Deputy Governor of Kurdistan Province suggests that Iran is aiming to portray a connection between detainees and the free life party of Kurdistan(PJAK) in order to annihilate any form of activism. Previously, the same party accused PJAK of murdering Kuhsar Fatehi, the ambulance driver of Red Crescent vehicle, even though the traces of Iranian Intelligence as culprits of the murder case was abundant.

The Governor-General’s Office of Political Affairs in
Kurdistan Province released pervasive and inaccurate information on the link between PJAK and the death of Red Crescent ambulance driver. In addition, he accused the civil activists to support the murder case in a false flag and far-fetched statement. In reality, those detained were merely activists in the fields of environment and civic non-profit organizations which are in full compliance of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s law, without any links to PJAK.

The free life party of Kurdistan (PJAK) recognizes the inhumane and unjust actions of the Islamic Republic of Iran as an abusive yet fruitless effort to suffocate the civil and pioneer activists in the society.
PJAK called upon all democratic movements, dissidents, political and social activists inside and outside Iran to stand against the unjust detentions in Kurdistan and Iran.