Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council co-presidency has issued a written statement to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of the August 15 Initiative.

The KCK statement read: “In the person of the great commander Egîd who carried out the guerrilla maneuver of August 15 that revived the Kurdish people on the brink of destruction and created the resurgence revolution, we salute all our martyrs with respect and gratitude. KCK promised to turn into reality the dreams of all martyrs who carried out the August 15 initiative and managed to continue with the maneuver successfully for 33 years and said: “We salute with respect and gratitude commander Çiyager, who was the Egîd of the self-governance resistances, and all self-governance martyrs on the anniversary of this resistance. We promise to gloriously finalize their longing of freedom, democracy and socialist revolution.”

“The junta that carried out the fascist coup on September 12, 1980 attacked to eradicate the PKK to complete the Kurdish genocide,” said the statement and continued: “The August 15 Initiative came at a time when the fascist junta said they formed a genocidal system with the 1982 Constitution and has torn down all goals of the September 12 fascism. However harsh the conditions might have been, with the August 15 Initiative the PKK has developed the freedom struggle further and has shown the will and the resolve to emancipate the Kurdish people. Great Commander Egîd has crowned Leader Apo’s great efforts with the August 15 Initiative and has gone down in history as a commander who changed the history of not just Kurdistan but the Middle East as well.”



The KCK statement also pointed out the following:

“The August 15 Initiative has achieved most of the goals it set out in the 33 years that have passed. It has actualized the national revolution, democratic revolution, political revolution, social and cultural revolution and the emotional revolution and has turned the Kurds into a people who fight for their freedom. With great successes in 33 years, the August 15 guerrilla initiative has transformed the Kurdish people into a leading force in emancipating all the peoples of the Middle East.

If the guerrilla is stationed on all mountains, valleys, plains and cities in four parts of Kurdistan today, if they resist against colonialist forces and regional regressive ideologies, that is the proof that the August 15 initiative has achieved its goals and displayed great success. If the guerrilla and our people continue to resist despite the heaviest of attacks, that is because of the August 15 Initiative and the invincible spirit it created. If the Kurdish Freedom Movement is a military and political force with a strong will and organization that are heeded in the Middle East and throughout the world, that shows that the August 15 initiative has achieved its goals and created great success. The August 15 initiative has also created the women’s army and has transformed them into a force for the democratic revolution of the Middle East and a great revolutionary transformation.

The August 15 initiative has created the self defense forces for the democratic revolution in the Middle East by being not just the revolutionary force in Kurdistan but a force for all peoples. An internationalist revolutionary struggle is underway in the Middle East with Arab, Syriac, Turkish fighters and fighters from all around the world joining as well as the Kurdish youth. The August 15 initiative achieving such a military and political strength is a precursor of greater achievements in the years to come.

The August 15 initiative standing undefeated in 33 years, and defeating the counter-revolutionary and genocidal forces has created a basis for great successes. Waging a struggle for revolution uninterrupted for 33 years means turning Kurdistan and the Middle East into a revolutionary hearth. This revolutionary hearth that has been created will light the blaze of the struggle for freedom for all the Middle Eastern peoples and will certainly create the democratic Middle East. The Middle East will once again become the center of democratic civilization for humanity.



The August 15 initiative has created revolutions within a revolution for 33 years and turned Kurdistan into a hearth for free and democratic life. This has led to the opportunity to create great revolutions that surpass the goals of August 15. For that, we no longer theorize about the democratic Middle Eastern revolution, like in Rojava, we see this revolution put into practice. The age of revolutions in the Middle East has been made possible. With the values and accumulation created in 33 years, August 15 will turn the age of revolutions that has started in the Middle East into the age of great revolutions that will carry humanity into free and democratic life. The August 15 initiative has surpassed the borders of Kurdistan and reached a great strength and horizon.”



The KCK statement concluded with: “Although the AKP fascism, as the center of the Middle Eastern regressive ideologies and counter-revolutionary forces, attempt to smother this revolutionary hearth and prevent the revolution from spreading throughout the Middle East, they will not prevail. This blaze of revolution will wipe out the AKP rule and turn Turkey into one of the important centers of the Middle Eastern revolutionary maneuver. And that will bring the Middle East as a whole closer to achieving the free and democratic life.

As we salute with gratitude and respect all our martyrs who developed and deepened revolutions for 33 years and brought our people and the peoples of the Middle East closer to the free and democratic life, we are calling on our people and peoples to resist fascism and all counter-revolutionary forces and to turn the Middle East into the lands of human salvation.”