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Rêwar Awdanan, a member of the leadership council of Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), explained in a video message during last years Newroz celebration, that foreign region powers would be involved in the critical situation in Kurdistan, if the Iranian regime did not take any actions regarding democratic movements.

While greeting New year 2717 and Newroz, Rêwar Awdanan reminded everyone about Newroz´s history of resistance and its symbolic stand for freedom. He continued his message by reminding everyone that the Kurds have been combating with their blood, soul and entire existence in order to create democratic system in the region and on other parts of the world and not just for the Kurds.

Referring to the events of the past year, Awdanan said that the fight against ISIS resulted in great achievements for the Kurds and other people of the region. A well worth noted example has been the combats by Kurds in the Şengal, where Kurds won against occupiers, internal traitors and those supporting them (Turkey).

Awdanan also mentioned that last year especially, despite the atmosphere of tyranny and oppression, the Iranian people had not been silent and through various means, had been expressing protests condemning the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The member of the leadership council KCK underlined that the Iranian government should support the foreign interventionist forces in the region and help them achieve their goals, or adapt themselves to a national democratic revolution.

Rêwar Awdanan pointed that if the regime insist on keeping its polices, soon the regime would face reactions and protests from the Iranian people. Awdanan confirmed that the Iranian people among others, have a great power to create an internal change, explaining that various resistance movements have been created to support such change. He also explained that despite the pressures from the Iranian regime, no power would be able to prevent the people to succeed.

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