The anniversary of 22nd February 1999, Rojhelat uprise to condemn the intergovernmental conspiracy against Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan.

After the cooperation of West countries and Turkish government against Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan on 15th February 1999 which led to capture Öcalan in Kenya, people around Kurdistan came to streets and condemned the intergovernmental conspiracy.

People launched massive protests on 22nd of February in many cities of Rojhelat and Iran. Sine was one of the cities protested conspiracy, although there was an official permission to hold the demonstration, it had been annulled by governor just a few hours before it’s beginning. However, almost people participated the demonstration and demand for ocalan’s freedom regardless all preventions. The governor of Sine Abdullah Ramezanzade ordered to shoot protestors, regime forces targeted people brutally. In a short time, nearly 20 people had been killed in blood and dozens got injured. Approximately, 9 hundred people mostly students arrested and transferred to the Corps centers. Iranian regime’s security forces didn’t let the funeral to be held by the martyrs families, who lost their lives on demonstrations.

The demonstration took place also in Merîwan, Serdeşt, Bane, Mahabad, Kirmaşan, Ûrmiye, Mako, Selmas, Pîranşar, Seqiz, Bokan, and Tehran. 3 people in Ûrmiye and 4 in Mako shot dead by Iranian security forces.

Shortly after killing protesters the minister of Khatami’s government, Musavi defended security forces action in the parliament and said: “We suppressed, and we did well, because our security system eas in danger.

The uprising led to distribution of Öcalan’s ideology among people in Rojhelat. People of Rojhelat mostly students and youth were planing to create a new movement to advance the struggle for justice in Rojhelat. On 4th April 2004 coincide with Öcalan’s birthday, the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) was established. PJAK is the result of 22nd February uprising while thought to be suppressed by Iran’s government in 1999.⁠⁠⁠⁠


Source: Firat News Agency ─ ANF
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