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A community of millions who follow the belief of Yari, their existence have been denied by the Iranian regime and the classic Kurdish movements, over the past few years they have been more active to achieve their national and cultural rights. The Yarsans (Yaris or Yarsans, people who follow Yari belief) in different periods of time have formed different regional governments and have taken to the heights of Dalaho to defend themselves against enemy attacks. They used the heights of Dalaho, Horaman and Zagros to resist and defend their birthplace, culture and language and national identity.

Yarsans resistance against occupation of their land have continued from generation to generation in different groups. And now under the rule of the Islamic Republic of Iran, they have defended their beliefs and national rituals in different ways. If they did not have the will and the spirit of resistance, undoubtedly parts of the history of Kurdistan and national heritage would have been lost.

The occupation authorities have tried repeatedly through indigenous people, to create chaos and division among followers of other religions and beliefs within the Yarsans in Rojhelat (Eastern Kurdistan). However the Yarsans and Kurds have peacefully coexisted and it has become part of the culture and society and the enemies never achieved the goals of division.

At the same time the Kurdish liberation movement should also understand the Yarsan community, their philosophy of life and the resilience of their community and see it as part of their own campaign. The Kurdish liberation movement cannot succeed without understanding Yarsan identity and culture.

The Yarsan society in terms of religious fate is like the Êzîdî community. Êzîdîs from the past, because they did not have their own defense force, during the occupation of Şengal (Sinjar) by ISIS face mass murder and the Kurdistan Regional Goverment remained helpless. Shortly after, this community under the umbrella project of Democratic nation was organized with the help of The Kurdish liberation movement and now has the ability to defend itself.

The Yarsan community should learn from experience of the mass destruction of Şengal and become active in politics, social and cultural paragons of democratic society based on gender equality and the norms of society’s moral and political activity.

Following the expression of thought to develop a democratic nation created by the Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, is an important opportunity to fight for the rights and freedom of Kurdistan and the region in different varieties and the Democratic Nation project is without a doubt suitable for the community. Provided that intellectuals and political activists and civil of Yarsan, to reach a proper understanding of the project and its compliance with the values and philosophy. The project of Democratic Nation is an alternative to the nation-state system.

The idea of a Democratic Nation against nation-state that has struggled all cultural values, ethnic and ideological melt in a single nation, trying to maintain all the values of peace, stability and coexistence.

One example of this project can clearly be seen in the Rojava self-governing. All national and religious diversity in the context of a social contract and self management system in Rojava, equally participates in the political, social, economic and military. Religious and ethnic wars in the region and among societies and authoritarian forces, will eventually force the Yarsans to create a force and self management system like the Êzîdî community.

The Yarsan community relying on their own original identity project within the framework of Democratic Nation will be able to achieve the position of its own, history bears witness that the community of Yarsan has been part of the culture and philosophy of life and the resistance in Kurdistan, to stand against the enemies, protect the Kurdish language, giving importance to the tradition of the mountains of Kurdistan, protection of documented history and society.

Freedom of peoples and social justice is now the dominant projects in Kurdistan and the region’s Democratic Nation. It was also the slogan of Şah Tîmur Banyaranî, Yarsans leader in the late thirteenth century AH.


Author: Saro Xusrewî
Source: Firat News Agency ─ ANF
Translated by

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