KJAR 2nd Congress - September 2016

The congress was held from 12th of September to 14th of September. Members and committees of all delegations took part in the congress. The congress was held in memory of martyrs Bêrîvan Hêja and Zîlan Serdeşt and began with a moment of silence for all the martyrs.

After a minute of silence various aspects of social problems and women’s struggle were read from Abdullah Öcalan’s point of view. The coordination of KJK participated in the congress by reading their statement where they celebrated the female struggle in Rojava. They also paid tribute to all the women who played an important role in the resistance of Rojhelat (East Kurdistan). This includes martyr Şîrîn Elemhûlî, whom in the spirit of comrade Sara, passed on the movement of female resistance to Rojhelat and fought the problems that women face especially in Rojhelat and throughout Iran.

KJK’s coordination also spoke of the importance of women unity against the social problems they face and how KJAR as a representative of women’s struggle, should strengthen its role in east Kurdistan and Iran, as well as their work against the problems women are being exposed to.

After the statement was read, the report written by KJAR’s management about the work done in the past two years was discussed. It highlighted what the current political situation looks like today. The process we’re going through right now and how that process is characteristic of this era, to live as a woman among social problems and how to find solutions and alternatives to these problems were also discussed on a deeper level. Furthermore, they discussed the importance of organizing women in particular in terms of ideological, political, economic and self-defense but also in all other areas in the view of the situation that women in Rojhelat and Iran are facing.

The congress also evaluated the conditions Abdullah Öcalan is in and how to find an end to these conditions for the construction of a democratic society. It also lifted up the social problems, and discussed more alternative solutions to these problems.

To create a democratic region KJAR needs to organize themselves more efficiently in terms of economic and political areas but also in social, environmental, legal and cultural areas. They also need to educate themselves more in self-defense and diplomacy. The importance of community among women was stressed during the Congress. Working for a democratic organization, creating a movement in Rojhelat and in Iran in order to develop the community was further underlined by the Congress.

KJAR should work together with all anti-fascist and anti-capitalist organizations and individuals. Followed by an evaluation of the work regarding the past two years, a broader planning was made for the future. Also new board members were elected during the congress. KJAR completed it’s second congress with the motto: “With a free leadership, enabling women’s revolution in Rojhelat and in Iran”.

The Congress began with high hopes and ended in the same way. The Congress ended with the slogan “Long live leader APO” and “Woman, Life, Freedom”.