Serdeşt Chemical Bombardment

Today is the 29th anniversary of chemical attack on Serdeşt in Rojhelat (eastern Kurdistan) by Iraqi Regime (June 28 and 29, 1987). Despite the passage of 29 years since the tragedy, still the victims’ needs of physician have been futile so far. The tragedy of 29th June 1987 is an international issue.

For a while, after the Iraqi regime bombardment when the life situation in Serdeşt became bearable and calm, suddenly on 29th June 1987 in the evening Iraqi jets started the first extensive chemical attack on the city of Serdeşt, at first people thought that would be normal bombardment like the other times so they tried to be of great help to the injured and suddenly they notified if they were affected by chemical bomb.

Everyone such as man, women, children, adults, young and aged, all panicked, The situation became like: ran off from one place to another, fainted with dizziness, groaned under collapsed, shouted their injured family members, children became an orphan, the parents who had to bury their children etc.

The people who were closest to the impact site were mostly affected from eyes and excruciating pain in the whole body beside coughing. On the other site, to rescue injured, the people were taking them to hospitals and infirmaries, everyone was using their car to transfer the victims and bereaved families of the victims to the cities of Bane and Seqiz. People were missing, a large air raid was carried out, the victims were increased, keep hearing the news of family and friend’s death, and coughing for the whole life, in the results of the first chemical attacks on Kurdistan.

Chemical bombardment of Serdeşt was the most awful and disastrous chemical attack during the war which brought many negative effects and consequence, but Iranian regime and the international organization closed their eyes on this tragedy. They might be able to do not take any action against such a war crimes and the use of the weapons of mass destruction, but this crime will be worthy of remembrance on their name.
Since Serdeşt chemical bombardment, Rabat city has been also bombarded for about 45 times and till this moment 116 civilians lost their lives because of chemical bombs. Iranian Regime blockaded any medical supplies from Serdeşt the while most of the victims who are affected to gas about %25 are in desperate need. Most of the gas victims are suffering from skin, eye, liver lungs problems and dealing with depression, sadness, anxiety and anger management. Despite the passage of 29 years from the chemical bombing in Serdeşt, still %85 of victim’s identification are not confirmed.