2 women march for months to say there are Kurds

NEWS CENTER, Ceren Karlıdağ / JINHA ─ Two women named Bahar Ada and Saadet Demir began to march to say, “There are Kurds” by presenting a declaration to UN countries after the first siege in Cizre. Bahar said, “The world is a body. When a finger hurts, all body suffers. Today, the world is sick because it ignores the existence one of its people.” The march of these women continues.

Bahar Ada has lived in Norway for 15 years and Saadet Demir has lived the same country for 26 years. These two women began to march called “Existence March” on October 9, 2015. After the first siege in Cizre, two women asked themselves “What can we do?”, then, they decided to march. This march isn’t a march for peace or freedom; it is entirely a march of existence of the Kurds. Bahar and Saadet visited Kurdistan after the first election in Turkey on June 7, 2015. They witnessed to the government’s oppression against Kurdish people. They read news about what happened in Cizre when they returned to Norway. We talked to Bahar Ada, who is in France now, about their march.

Bahar stated that they were badly affected by what we saw in Kurdistan just after the first election on June. She said, “We, as university, invited İsmail Beşikçi when we returned to Norway. Then, I had a four-day holiday with Saadet. We read the news about Cizre upon our return. We told each other “Let’s go”. But “Where can we go?” Kurdistan was divided into different parts 100 years ago wit the Treaty of Lausanne. We thought we should take back our existence if our existence was ignored 100 years ago in UN.

“First we prepared a five-point declaration. We began to march to present our declaration to UN member countries. First we went to Oslo. The most important point in our declaration is to open a surveillance and inspection department in UN for Kurds. We demand the same status that Palestinians got six months ago. Kurdish people don’t need a state for this. If certain minority peoples are attacked, a surveillance and inspection department is needed to what is going on under this attack. We put the answer of UN counties to in file. We’ll present the answers we get from nine countries and the signatures campaign to the UN after we finalize our march. We’ll begin indefinite sit-in to protest in front of office of UN until we get an answer to our declaration.”

Bahar stated that they have already walked 1500 kilometers until now. Bahar said, “We went to Oslo; however, we didn’t know what and how we could that. We didn’t know anything about diplomacy; we just left with our last salary. Because, they bursted our bubble. We wanted to build our future in Kurdistan. They put you in only a concept called, “Terrorist”. You are only recognized in this area. The world is a body. When a finger hurts, all body suffers. Today, the world is sick because it ignores the existence one of its people.

Bahar, meanwhile, underlined that everyone can participate in this “Existence March”, if they want.