KJAR's Seminar - Karlstad 2016-03-12 06

In the city of Karlstad, Sweden, a seminar was organized by KJAR Europe (Free Women Society of Eastern Kurdistan) and Communist Party of Karlstad about the remarklable YPJ women (Women’s Protection Units), that fight against ISIS (Daesh) on the front lines in Rojava (western Kurdistan). The main topics of the seminar issued when and why the YPJ was established, the role of women in the revolution in Syria and what role women play in the Middle East overall, the ideology of APOism that YPJ follows and how APOism has opened up ways for women to be equal to men.

The main purpose of this seminar was to draw attention to the ancient male-dominated mentality in the Middle-East, that has caused millions of women to live in oppression and fear, but also to raise awareness of the women whom are under the control of a capitalist rule. The seminar also added focus on YPJ’s composition and structure as a defense force and the advantages and disadvantages of female defense forces.

Many questions were raised about what actually drives these women to want to join the YPJ, what is driving thousands of women to participate in the resistance of YPJ and what the underlaying cause is to such successful momentum. Comrade Zîlan from KJAR Europe, answered that the women in Rojava have two choices; Either they learn to organize and defend themselves against the murderous and vicious ISIS as well as against all forms of despotisms and autocracies, or they will have to submit to oppressions and dictatorships.

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