Hîwa Kirmaşan

Hiwa Kirmaşan, a member of the organisation “Religion and nations’ faith” of Group of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK, Koma Civakên Kurdistan) stated in a ROJ NEWS interview that Kurdish followers of the religion Yarsan, also known as “Ahl-e Haqq”, should have their own representative bodies just as Kurds of the Êzîdî faith have.

In relation to the Kurds who are followers of the Yarsan religion, Hîwa Kirmaşan expressed to ROJ NEWS that “throughout history the Êzîdî people have faced over 73 genocides. Yet, Êzîdîs have always resisted this oppression even as they have faced these continuous genocides. Historically the Kurds have also faced the al-Anfal campaign as well as had chemical weapons used against them. Recently, following the massacres of Êzîdî people by ISIS (Islamic States of Iraq and Syria) terrorists, where once again, their very existence was threatened, it became clear and necessary that they should organise themselves and form representative bodies and establish their own assemblies. In this way, they will retain independence from other political parties and organisations and can determine the interests of their own community.

Hîwa Kirmaşan stated further that, “the Yarsanian Kurds, just as the Êzîdî people have their own distinct religion and have similarly faced repeated genocides. Because of this history of oppression and violence it is essential that they organise and coordinate themselves and produce councils in both southern and eastern Kurdistan as a means of preventing future massacres. The Kurds have been divided into four parts between Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria and all of these regimes have explicitly adopted a policy of cultural and at times physical annihilation of the Kurds. Despite this, the Kurdish nation continues to struggle, not only for its continued existence but also its liberation, and have persisted in their desire to resist the policies of these regimes.

He further stated that the time has come for the Kurdish nation to create their own representative councils. He stated “as we can clearly see, Kurdish Guerrillas and the Peshmerga and other Kurdish forces have united in the fight against terrorism and are fighting together in the same military bases. All the distinct Kurdish groups and parties should support the creation of such a congress and place the nation’s interest before their personal interests.

Hîwa Kirmaşan’s last message was a note to the Kurdish youth, particularly the Yarsan youth. He stated: It is essential that the Kurdish youth in south and western Kurdistan participate in the liberation movement and help liberate their people who currently face war and destruction.

Source: ROJ News Agency
Translated by Rojhelat.info