Kawa Salar - KCR

Kawe Salar member of KCR (Youth Community of East Kurdistan): purpose of the Iranian government is to ruing young people’s life.

Kawe Salar one of the members of the coordination of the KCR. During a meeting with a number of journalists’ Firat News “pointed out how the drugs have an indirect correlation with the global system and the modern capitalist As many other world problems we find ourselves in, as economic, political, social, and cultural. He also noted that we do not believe that research has made of the modern capitalism, then it will not be the result of loss drugs because at the base of the global capitalist system characteristics when the value of all determined.

KaWe Sales hint regarding the Kurdish nation’s responsibility in eastern Kurdistan, between the Kurdish society and the Iranian regime, they involve a very serious protracted war that occurred. Kawe Salar said also in the following interview: When we look at the numbers on drugs among the youth, as shown by the Iranian authorities regime and what their current but also future tactics are and mean and what they will come after the war.

Therefore we can say that the modern capitalist system that goes back to the Iranian regime has changed the war entirely. Using drugs that war is dishonest and dishonorable war. By looking at IRCG and secure centre strategy, you will see huge transfers made by them to the Kurdish towns in eastern Kurdistan which subsequently distributed among the young.

KCR member informed that Iranian regime would not even be a healthy young in Eastern Kurdistan. he continued: The Iranian colonial system, will not only fight by weapons with Kurdish people and other ethnic groups, even they try to use drugs as special war, and this is because they believe management society that has lost its intelligence is much easier to rule a nation for a political centre.

Kawe Salar’s final words were that the international community should be informed about what is actually happening. They are a very low political agenda as well as low because of the colonial system of the Islamic Republic of Iran policy. Our basic aim is not only human rights but to jointly combat the drug business that is in the hands of the Iranian Republic.