Ibrahim Lutfullahi was born in Sine city in 1980. After completing primary and secondary he got diploma with a good grade then started study at Payam-e Noor University in Sanandaj.

When he went to the university, he joined campaign of Student Movement in Eastern Kurdistan (Rojhelat) and such as a combat student participated the United Democratic of the Kurdish Students.

This active student was arrested on 06. 01 2008 by Ettelaat, security forces of Iranian regime in Sine city. He was torturing very severely and he was died under torture on 15. 01. 2008 in the singleness room of prison.

Kurdish activist “Ibrahim Lutfulahi” was killed under Iran’s Ettelaat torture in Sine 7 years ago

Kurdish activist “Ibrahim Lutfulahi” was killed under Iran’s Ettelaat torture in Sine 7 years ago

The Iranian security forces were not convinced by killing him, but they took his body to graveyard of Behesht Mohammad in Sine and would concrete the surface of his graveyard without informing his relationship.

After that the security forces told his relationship that he killed himself, but his relationship and Kurdish human rights in Rojhelat never trusted the Iranian regime and believe that he was died under severe torture.

After 7 years of killing Ibrahim Lutfullahi by Intelligence office of Sine, Iranian regime until now never manifested the killers of him. Iranian regime extended the felony against democratic and freedom-loving of Kurdistan and all other Iranian nationality.

At this frame mothers of peace of Sine city respected commemorate of Ibrahim Lutfullahi and all other victims in their visit and they sent Kurdish people a message; “their daughters and sons have been suffered martyrdom, but all Kurds must know that we do not be negligent to leave the way that our young have passed until we will be freedom and see our dream, so we will campaign for ever”.

The mother of Ibrahim Lutfullahi saluted Kurdish Guerrillas and requested that the anniversary of the martyring of Ibrahim Lutfullahi should be the day of Kurdish Student.