Siyamend Moînî

Siyamend Moînî, member of the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) council in relation to the current situation in the region and the role of Iran, Turkey, USA and Europe on the conspiracy that goes on in the Middle East spoke to Roj News: Turkey and Iran announced no specific policy against ISIS in Kurdistan.

Siyamend Moînî, in relation to the situation in the Middle East and on the other countries role said: “USA will not always be able to sacrifice their own self interest to the policy of Turkey and if a new structure is supposed to be raised in the Middle East regardless of the Kurdish forces then this is not possible and if the former USA policy is used based on the Good and the Bad Kurds then this will not succeed.”

Moînî in relation to the problems in the region and on the historical problems of Iran and Turkey says: “The problem of these two countries goes back to Ottoman and the Safavid Empires. This contradictory policy of hegemony now disputes both sides and the great powers of the region to fortify their own plans they support and use ISIS as an object to fulfill these plans.”

Moînî continues: “It is likely that the policy of Iran and Turkey differs in relation to the ISIS in Syria, but their policy in relation to the attacks of ISIS towards the Kurds and Kobanê is the same and are no different.”

Moînî in relation to the role of the Kurds and their place in the middle east says: “The will of the people’s freedom movement has been revealed to both friends and enemies of the Kurds, the freedom movement is based on the interest of people and will remain and continue until the end of their lives. Sooner or later the US will change their policy towards the Kurds and will be forced to recognize and create a relation with the Kurds and their established forces.”

Moînî continues in relation to the support of the people of Rojhelat (Eastern Kurdistan) to Rojava and Kobanê, he hails and shows his appreciation to the people of Rojhelat and says: “The Kurdish Nation is united and Kirmaşan is the support of Kobanê. These people will no longer tolerate oppression and are ready to lead a revolution against our oppressors wether it be the ISIS or Iran.”


Source: ROJ NEWS
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