Urmiye Prison

The issue of human rights and violations of prisoners’ rights, especially Iranian nations, including Kurdish political prisoners, has been repeatedly discussed in the Kurdish media. So that the regime’s behaviour of prisoners in prison faces politics and this approach has the repressive trend unto torture and execution.

In this circumstance, the status of the seven Kurdish political prisoners in Urmiye Prison was critical. Eli Ehmed Sileman, Mustefa Eli Ehmed, Hemin Hesenzade, Eli Efshari, Keywan Ismaili Mamedi and Behruz Elixani are seven prisoners who spent serious health conditions and they need medical treatment.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), whereas seven out of the prison and the hospital environment are required surgery treatments. The regime avoids them to be sent to hospital which created physical condition of those tightly put in jeopardy.

According to the report Eli Ehmad Sileman who buckles by torment of his back and eyesight and any treatment is excluded from Urmiye prison.

Mustefa Eli Ehmed is another Kurdish political prisoner in Urmiye is faced with kidney stones and kidney infection but the prison authority prevents to treat his deployment.

Hemin Hesenzade is another political inmate, who has been shot during arresting him by the security forces, so he has been wounded, severity of infection and two fingers of his fingers are disabled. Though he has been kept and treated among the prisoners in prison instead he should be treated in hospital. Iranian security forces have shot and wounded during the arrest and the severity of infection and two fingers are disabled.

The political prisoner Eli Efshari who sentenced to death in prison of Urmiye Sea infected physically and he is deprived of the right to treatment.

Keywan Ismaili Mamedi is infected of the mouth and eyes, therefore he uses mask despite of the situation he has been prevented to be under medical care.

In this consider another prisoner, Mihemed Emin Agushi who is a retired teacher has serious health conditions that can lead to blisters, mouth has suffered, though the Security Minister and military prosecutor of Zahidan prevented his treatment because he criticized against the Iranian regime leaders. Although Agushi’s family covers the cost of treatment, which is the herbal treatment and her family sent to the prison, but authorities refused it to deliver to Agushi.

Delila Kosalan, who is a member of PJAK (Free Life Party of Kurdistan) informed in an interview with Firat News Agency: “The Iranian regime deals with the issue of prison is mentality. In the prisons, the regime violates human rights severely and none of the inmates have their human rights. Up to now, the Iranian regime has not set any specified rule and low even for the health and safety of prisoners. The prisoners have been forced and pressured to confess in front of the camera and strictly in terms their internal pressure. Meanwhile, the torture of prisoners is a gross violation of human rights in the International Human Rights Law”.