Xawenkar (Khavankar) feast considerably regarded as the most popular Yarsan’s feast. The feast is known as (Marnow) or (Xawenkar) which in Kurdish language (The Cave of Now). The cave is located in Southern Kurdistan near Rojhelat border and Perdiwar palace. It is considerably important to notice that Xawenkar manifestation of the Lord.

Summary of Yarsans’ ceremonies:

Yarsan celebrate two festivals which are, Newroz (Kurdish New Year) and (Xawenkar).

Newroz is traditional and ancient Yarsanians’ national feast which is highly regarded as sanctified and special. Xawenkar feast is religious feast of the Yaris followers. The feast is followed by three days fasting in middle of winter every year. Three days feast has special place among the Yaris followers as it represents the difficulties and suffering of the Yarsans leaders Sultan Sahak and his followers from the eighth century onward. Most Yari follower go to Cemxane (Jamkhana) temple to pray and fulfil their religious obligations. Following the end of the three nights, Yaris followers either collectively or individually go to holly places to celebrate the feast.

From the Ahl-e Haqq point of view, the universe is composed of two distinct yet interrelated worlds: the internal (batini) and the external (zahiri), each having its own order and rules. Although humans are only aware of the outer world, their lives are governed according to the rules of the inner world. Among other important pillars of their belief system are that the Divine Essence has successive manifestations in human form (mazhariyyat, derived from zahir) and the belief in transmigration of the soul (or dunaduni in Kurdish). The Ahl-e Haqq do not observe Muslim rites and rituals.

Yarsan people are peaceful people, who reject any kind of violence or acting in revenge or even to hate their enemies according to their religious rules and obligations.

PJAK’s Public announcement regarding Xawenkar feast:

In mid of November, Coordination Committee of Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) has published a public statement regarding the Xawenkar feast.

Yarsan religion is one of the religions which historically stood against all forms of oppression and fought tyrannical rollers which as a result constantly were subject and became an obvious target of the tyrannical rollers. One of the principles of resistance against oppression is preservation of cultural and religious values. Undoubtedly, religions are the symbol of resistance against oppressors and Yarsan undoubtedly possessed all characters of resistance against the oppressors.

Yaris followers, by being able to maintain and protect their religious and cultural identity through a different era remained as a symbol of resistance against oppression and tyrannies. Even though resistance is common value among the Kurds and rooted in peoples suffering and constant resistance efforts, it is undeniable that all religions and cultures in Kurdistan share those common values. Yarsan’s religion which represents a symbol of resistance is considered as one of the common resistance values of the Kurdish people. In this regard, as Free Life Party of Kurdistan, greatly congratulating Kurdish people and especially Yaris followers in Kurdistan.