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ANF, Meriwan — The ceremony of 8th of March, the International Women’s Day, was held by  “Meriwan’s Women Society” with association of civil activists in Ney (village in eastern Kurdistan). Also with the initiative of  Meriwan’s Women society, a group of women celebrated the International Women’s Day over the mountain of Imam.

Celebration of women’s day and massacre of Helebce

The ceremony of 8th of March the International Women’s Day was held by “Mariwan’s Women Society” with association of civil activists in Ney. Photo exhibition of Martyrs of Helebce was held with presence of hundreds of people from Ney and Meriwan, meanwhile members of Mariwan’s Women Society visited the exhibition and performed the special event regarding to International Women’s Day. In this event one of the Women’s Society Members cited a poem for the martyrs of Helebce. And then one of the society’s members spoke about the women’s day, status of women, inequality and violence against women, suicide and murder of women; also they express their appreciation to the village Mamosta (priest) and the residents of village due to honoring the women status.

Women assembled in “Imam” mountain in Meriwam

Saturday 9th of March 2013 active members of Meriwan’s Women Society assembled with the aim of celebrating International Women’s Day and spreading their activities in the Imam mountain in Meriwan. Three members of women activists spoke about history behind 8th of March, the unequal rules, violence against women, and also current women’s social problems.

Finally, They congratulated International Women’s Day to all women around the World, particularly to the Kurdish women.


Firat News Agency

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