MERIWAN, — The book “Karesat” meaning the catastrophe, written by Celal Meleksha was displayed in a book exhibition in Meriwan city.

According to Mukrian News Agency, the book consists of a series of short stories in Kurdish language, written by Kurdish well-know author and poet Celal Meleksha, published for the first time.

In Karest, the author tried to depicts all the sufferings the Kurdish people had gone through during the Iran and Iraqi war and the consequent catastrophes.

Celal Meleksha who used to write his works in Farsi language, wrote this book in Kurdish which comprise 19 short stories that he intended to write in classic manner.

Celal Meleksha was born in 1954 in Melesha village of Sine city. He started to write poetries and short stories from his early teens. His used to produce his works in Farsi but Karesat was written in Kurdish language.