Written by Pijar

Translated by Rojhelat.info


Stay eternal Qendil…

Stay eternal the blue and horizon-less sky of our nation

The gloomy nights are full of snakes and scorpions

Stay eternal the backbone of friendless people,

Whose blood have been shed

Stay eternal the right-taker of those who lost their heads on gallows

Stay eternal, stay eternal illuminating flames of,

The free sun,

The eternal territory of Ferzad’s aspirations

Stay eternal the pleasing of the poignant hearts,

The marvellous longing of the cold breathes of the oppressed

Stay eternal the only inspiration of the highland people,

The aspiration of future-seeking youths,

The hope of four parts of my Kurdistan

Stay eternal the portrait of all my liberated comrades

Stay eternal guerrilla, the lion of,


Stay eternal the sweet rationale for our country’s freedom

Stay eternal the heroic passengers of the lion-like mothers,

The brave and courageous sons and daughters

Stay eternal the guiders of the dark nights,

The destroyers of the insolent and starving wolves

Stay eternal Medya, the shelter, the garrison, the,

Only asylum

It’s time for uprising, for upheaval, stand up, rise your


You are alive the martyrs of freedom path, Zilan,

Agid, Ferzad and Mani

Stay you all eternal

Stay eternal Qendil, you are the undying portrait of

All our comrades

Stay eternal Qendil, the tornado of destroying of

The whole encampments of the disgraceful enemies

Stay eternal and be sure that,

Your name will,

Stay eternally!