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MAKO, East Kurdistan, — Yosof Shemis brother of Bekir Shemis, a Kurdish guerrilla who lost his life in battle with Turkish army in Shemzinan, was arrested by Iranian Security Forces.

No news about his whereabouts or his current state is leaked to the media, the report said.

The family of Bekir Shemis arranged a ceremony in their village Mela Hesen, when they found out their son had been killed by Turkish soldiers.

Preventing the local people attending the ceremony and declaring it as security issue, the Security Forces arrested the father and brother of slain guerrilla to unknown place.

The father was released after a couple of days; the brother is yet is held in an unknown detention with no news about his current health state.

Bekir Shemis (the photo) was killed along with his four comrades in battles with Turkish army in Shemzinan where the HPG guerrillas have taken control of substantial bulk of territories.