On Sunday, March 28, 2021, two political prisoners named “Amir Abdullahi” and “Salahuddin Aflideh” were temporarily released from I.R. Iran’s prison in the Urmia.

According to the report received by KMMK, Each of them was released on 200 million bail pending the completion of the trial and the court ruling.
It is worth mentioning that Amir Abdollahi was arrested by the security forces of the I.R. Iran in Saqez on November 1, 2020, on charges of collaborating with one of the Kurdish anti-government parties in Iran, and was transferred to the IRGC’s detention Center in Urmia for interrogation.

Also, Salahuddin Aflideh was arrested by the IRGC in Mahabad on February 13, 2021, on charges of “Collaborating with Salafi parties”, after that he was transferred to the Intelligence Prison in Urmia.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association