It is essential for our people in East Kurdistan to take ownership of the leader APO in the spirit of 1999’s uprisings. On the 14th of this month, some news and information were published regarding the life and safety of the Kurdish leader, which caused concern among the Kurdish people about the condition of the leader APO, and therefore the people are in activities for ownership of the presidency.

It is twenty-two years have passed since the leader APO was captive in Imrali’s Prison. Under the most difficult circumstances, he continues his historic struggle. To protect and defend the rights of the Kurdish people and for our people has become a symbol of struggle and victory.

In spite of all the isolations in Imrali’s Prison, the Kurdish leader has continued to create a free life and lead our people towards their aims. This means that prisons and isolations had never been able to split, the relationships between the leader APO and the Kurdish people.

Since 2011, the isolation on the leader APO the Kurdish people of their own activities have been continued and build up continuity even more over. Of course, the target of depressives is to crack that source of morality and power.

The leader APO named Imrali’s Prison as a hole of death, any concern would endanger my life of any event; everyone should know that it was intentionally not occasionally matter. Everything here would perform by plans and conspiracy within the framework of a special war.

The spread of this news and information by the foundations of the Turkish state’s fascism seems to be destroying and distorting the intensifying of morale and spirits of our people, and creating obstacles and barriers on his of heroic way.

Certainly, the Kurdish people, together with the leader APO, have taken and will continue to take the main steps towards patriotism, and today they are leading the way in a progressive system of other nationals’ living together.

Following the announcement of the liberation campaign for the leader APO, the welcome and participation by the Kurdish nation and other nations of the region and the world, and the increasing pressure on the Turkish fascist state, it became clear that the leader APO was crossing all political, cultural and social boundaries.

Anyone, who is liberal in any corner of the world accepts the presidency of him as their leader and will not abandon him. This was the factor of achievement a formation of a union between the oppressed and the captive nations. The leader Ocelan is valued humanity and the common of the people and everyone owns him.

We will not forget that the Kurdish people in East Kurdistan came to the arena in 1999 with great sincerity and enthusiasm against the conspiracy against the leader APO, and with that source of resistance and freedom became a union and would never abandon.

The life and health of the leader APO are a red line for our people and as he has proved in the past that he has saved it by scarifying his life and soul. Our people still stand by to respond to any attack on the life and alive of the leader Ocelan with the same sentiments and senses and considerate.

According to that basis, we call on our people in East Kurdistan and abroad, to take ownership of the leader APO, in the spirit of the uprising of 1999, to observe this circumstance, to have their own attitude and to unite their national unity to obliterate the fascist and dictatorial front.

The Kurdistan Freedom Life Party – PJAK

The East Kurdistan Democratic and Freedom Society – KODAR

17 March 2021

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