We are gathered here today to be the voice of women political prisoners, all political prisoners, women activists in various arenas in Iran, the oppressed people, worker women and the vast camping of toilers whom the regime’s repressive machine has been launched on them. We strongly condemn the repression of the oppressed people in Iran, such women, workers, the killing of Kurdish Kollbarans and Balooch fuel-transporters, the execution of Arab activists, Balooch activists, and the recent arrests in Kurdistan. We consider the repression and violence of the regime against them as a sign of the regime’s deeper immersion in the vortex of economic, political, social and military crises, which is the result of its anti-human, reactionary and capitalist policies.

The capitalist, reactionary, fascist, patriarchal, totalitarian and theocratic regime of the Islamic Republic has replaced our land (Iran) for decades to prison and torture for torturing women, workers, toilers and the people under oppression. The regime by pursuing a policy of belligerent and security on the society is trying to maintain its sovereignty as long as possible. Meanwhile, by doubly oppressing women and politics, destroying the will and role of women in all political, social, economic and managerial arenas, the regime tries to demolish the will and resistance of the society.

The nation-state of Iran has implemented the policy of demographic change of lands and communities in the geography of Iran for decades. With the policies of capitalism and the occupier and corrupt economy, destroying the ecosystem and the demographic and cultural contexture, our societies have been faced with all types of discrimination and oppression. Meanwhile, the resistances of women, oppressed peoples, workers and youth, who have rolled a pioneering role in all movements, have caused fear in the Islamic Republic. By intimidating the society, the public arrests, the killing of people in the region of Saudi Arabia, Baloochistan, Kurdistan, the state of killing, executions, torture and oppression, and by trying to intimidate, the regime intends to force women, workers, youth and activists of oppressed nations withdrawal of claims on their rights.

The fact that the regime’s prisons are fully loaded of women activists is a clear indication of the trepidation of this fascist authoritarian from the people’s Revolution led by women. The Iranian regime seeks to marginalize and eliminate women’s political and democratic demands, and uses every means, even the Corona pandemic, to advance its anti-woman and anti-human policies. From its inception until today the patriarchal government of Iran has targeted the women’s community with ideological attacks and gender discrimination, and intends to destroy our historical, political and social identity. Compulsory hijab, unemployment, poverty and prostitution due to poverty, hunger, imprisonment, execution, acid spraying, child marriage, daily murder of women in defence of women’s honour and suicide, are just some of the consequences of the Islamic Republic’s medieval laws and policies against women in Iran. Simultaneously, we remind that not only the violence and repressive policies of the ruling regime in Iran had never been able to weaken the resistance and struggle of women at the forefront of the struggle against the regime.

Furthermore, the resistance of women such as Zeinab Jalalian and other women political prisoners, who have challenged the entire system of repression and torture of this regime, has today become the banner of the justice and freedom-loving struggle of the people in Iran. We, as the Society of Free Women of East Kurdistan “KJAR”, will not only remain silent in the face of these policies and gender-discrimination of the Iranian regime, but also by organising women based on the ideology of women’s liberation, in solidarity and joint struggle with the women under oppression in Iran we struggle against this criminal and anti-woman regime. We will step up our struggle to build a democratic, ecological, free and equal society. We offer the solution of uniting joint action on common principles and we believe that the formation of a united front of leftist and revolutionary women and women belonging to oppressed nations in Iran can be a new phase and a framework in our struggle against the misogynistic, oppressive and create the occupier of the Islamic Republic.

The Society of Free Women of East Kurdistan/” KJAR-Europe”

Woman, Life, Freedom


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