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The Free Life Party of Kurdistan, PJAK in the statement which has been published on PJAK’s official site, evaluated the situation of Iran after the presidential elections held on 19 May 2017. The full text of statement “Iran is heading intervention or interaction” published as follows:

It seems that the transformations that surrounded all the Middle East area, severity and acuity will continue further. There is no doubt a turbulent region of the Middle East will burn in the fire of instability and the opposite analyses would mean ignoring the socio-political situation in the region and intervention programs and global forces.

In such circumstances the only forces which considered cultural, social, and ideological dimensions of the region and also social demands of people at the center of their work, will be effective and be able to be a force parallel to the armed struggle by relying on social, scientific and ideological strength and have a role in the regional balance of power.

In contrast with the first and second world wars which happened between opposing fronts with clear boundaries, the process of the Third World War contain a separate character, alliances, cooperation and the relations between both regional nation-states and hegemonic imperialist forces has organized tactical and daily, and transformed base on their interests and profits. That’s why the forces that are fighting on the same side in a short time can be at odds with each other. For example, the Turkey-Russia relations, Turkey-Saudi Arabia, Qatar-Saudi Arabia, and Qatar-Iran can be assessed on the same logic.

First wave of transformation in the Middle East began in Iran after the 2009 elections and then covered Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Egypt and Yemen. Iran against authoritarian Sunni front, created authoritarian Shia bloc in its strategic plan. In order to create a Shia crescent stretching from the Mediterranean boundaries to the borders of Khorasan (Xorasan), Iran’s government has increased the range of war, and it has led to religious conflicts in the region. This totalitarian behavior has increased the enemies and also Iran government’s dissidents in the region.

Presidential elections ended with the rise of the moderate forces. Although many analysts evaluated it as the continuation of negotiations on a nuclear power program or continuation of relations between Iran and America as Obama’s presidency period, but the recent attacks which occurred in the tomb of Khomeini in Tehran and the Islamic Consultative Assembly suggests the opposite. Although ISIS took responsibility for that, it is clear after Trump and Saudi Arabia’s meeting and also Israel and America’s thread against Iran, it was a direct result of domestic and foreign policies of Iran.

Obviously, social, cultural, religious and national differences and women demands are fundamental challenges that are facing Islamic Republic of Iran. If there will be no solution for the continuation of status dangerous consequences will be brought.

If Iran is able to create a democratic system and self-management and change the status of existing situation and also transform the nation-state and gender preference could be able to minimize the external and internal dangers, so one of the basic and major programs which the government needs to prioritize is the recognition all the legitimate rights of all the peoples of Iran especially Kurds. If Iran doesn’t review the foreign policy and continue the current situation, without any doubt will not be safe to external interference and internal discontent.

While the Kurds has the solution of “Democratic Nation” in the regions and have formed a united front against interventions, can play a key role to solve the problems in Iran also.