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The sabotage and terrorist attack on headquarters of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan (KDP-Iran) results in several martyrs and wounds, leads all the people of Kurdistan to deep grief and made all of us upset.

We condemn this inhumane attack and we offer our deepest condolences to the Democratic Party of Kurdistan (KDP-Iran), families of the martyrs, to all Peshmerga, and the people in Kurdistan, we hope healing to the injured.

For this occasion, we demand from all Kurdish parties and movements as well as Kurds and Kurdistan people, which we are in a crucial stage that [the people of] Kurdistan and the Middle East going through. We as KODAR call every Kurdish movement to be united and deal vigilance to stop repeating such an attack on Kurdish people. The serious step is the formation of the Kurdish National Congress.

Democratic and Free Society of Eastern Kurdistan ─ KODAR