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Kanî Bil‎

A number of Kurdish civil and environmental activists in Hewraman of Rojhelat (eastern Kurdistan) went on hunger strike to stop the Daryan Dam environmental crisis and preserve the Bil Spring (in  Kurdish Kanî Bil‎).

According to local sources, after several years of efforts by the group, individuals and different civil and environmental movements to stop the Daryan Dam project and preserve the mineral spring the authorities have not responded to the pressure from local people and environmental activists. Currently, a number of actors, with the aim of saving the Bell mineral spring from destruction, have begun a hunger strike.

Mîad Ehmedî one of the environmental activists from Sine on Tuesday 1st of December went on hunger strike, also Soheyla Mohemedî spokesperson of save the Bil Spring campaign joined the hunger strike yesterday.

Azad Ebbasî chairman of Leylax green environmental organisation and Ferdîn Mohemedî secretary of population and public participation campaign for save the Bell mineral spring in Kirmaşan Province, who was on hunger strike for the last five days.

Save the Bell mineral Spring campaign has released a statement to to gain wider attention from activists, environmentalists and various social groups requesting more support for the strikers and further action to save the historic fountain.

The names of some of the hunger strikers who joined on first December : Mîad Ehmedî, Soheyla Mohemedî, Azad Ebbasî, Sabir Soltanî, Sîrwan Rehîmî, Nemet Rezayî and Ferdîn Rostemî.


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