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YRK Flag - Guerilla

During last four years ago, there is a ceasefire between YRK guerrillas ‘East Kurdistan Defense Units’ and Islamic regime of Iran, but several times violated the agreement and started a psychological war against our peoples’ movement by the regime forces. Eastern Kurdistan liberation movement from the beginning till this moment have been attempted to sort out Kurdish issues through negotiation, but Iranian fascist government many times abused our goodwill. The Islamic republic of Iran, especially during the past two years has increased radical denial and aggressive action about Kurdish nation. To beat our movement and guerrilla forces they are not bothering to use any method or any tactics. Despite the commitment of YRK units to the ceasefire principle but the Iranian fascist armed forces such as Sepah, Basij, Ettela’at and military forces have conspired and managed many times to war action against guerrilla. During this period, some of our guerrillas were sacrificed for such an Iranian evil policies.

At the moment Iranian forces by using different ways as political, cultural, economical, social and environmental massacre are repressing our people in Eastern Kurdistan and have established military bases to expand politic hirelings such as anti guerrillas, Basij and traitor. The Iranian regime has changed the all eastern Kurdistan areas from Urmiye to Ilam and Lorestan to a big military base and causing crisis in this region with these policies.

Since 2011 our guerrillas has been only the side to keep ceasefire agreement and they have tried to prevent any battle just to have respect for the Kurdish freedom seeker movement in Eastern Kurdistan. But during that time the Iranian rapist government properly violated cease fire agreement and took advantage of our good faith, wildly they killed many guerrillas, arrested most of our comrades and local members, torturing and executing our disciples. In this regard, the special warfare centre of regime wants to give up and aimless our people over these promoted addictions and prostitution in all Kurdistan zones.

The Iranian government in 2015 along their warlike policies increased attacks against our guerrillas and if they were not consciously reacting then we would be at war every day. Along the same policies in a few days ago the Iranian military forces, Sepah and anti guerrillas in areas of Urmiye, Mokriyan, Bane, Merîwan, Ciwanro, Dalaho and some other parts of Eastern Kurdistan had several triumphant campaigns against us.

On 20th May in Merîwan and 21 st May in Ciwanro there was two battles and three members of Sepah military died and also some of them were injured because of the Iranian military ambush. Also on 23 rd May in Jiwanro function, Sepah agents surrounded a group of guerrilla with 2000 military forces started to bombard guerrill using big weapons. This battle was carried from three clock afternoon till half past four. In this battle three members of Sepah forces and one traitor were killed also some of them were injured. In the same battle two comrades of us were martyred who we will announce them name. Also, we have broke communicate with two guerrilla and soon as we got information about them, then we will inform our people and our comrades.

We as YRK ‘East Kurdistan Defense Units’ forces command and HPJ ‘Women Defense Forces of Eastern Kurdistan’ advocate forces say to people our condolences for martyr our two comrades. Meanwhile respect to martyr unparalleled resistance we assert that along our battle principle, we will take revenge against the Iranian fascist military forces.


East Kurdistan Defense Units ─ YRK