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Selay Ghaffar

Selay Ghaffar, spokesperson for Solidarity Party of Afghanistan‎, explained in an interview with ROJ NEWS, that their party strive for freedom of Afghanistan, and underlined that equality between men and women is one of the most important principle in regards to the struggle of women in Afghanistan and obstacles these women face in life.


Q: What is your current understanding of the women in Afghanistan?

Selay Ghaffar: Afghan nation, particularly the Afghan woman is the most persecuted nation in the world . For the last 40 years Afghans have been under the influence of worst wars ever while same time, facing interventions of countries, such as USA , Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. All of this factors have been providing a proper atmosphere for growth of radical Islamic groups. These groups are against women’s rights by all means, and the Afghan government supports these people and believe that women are mentally undermined, that a woman is worth half of a man and women in general are only for men’s sexual satisfaction.

It is obvious that USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey unleashed ISIS to attack the Kurdish nation in Iraq and Syria. We as the Afghan nation have been suffering from the brutality of the same mentality of other groups that are very similar to ISIS.

Afghan women have been tortured, raped by groups, have had their nose, ears and breasts cut and sold in markets like animals.

After 11th September 2001, USA and NATO military alliance invaded our country under the name of anti-terrorism and implementations of women’s freedom and democracy to Afghanistan. But in reality these countries created a government which today is the biggest enemy of women’s rights and democracy.

The NATO military alliance and USA pretended to be fighting against Taliban, which was in fact created by them, while same time they supported their alliance forces in North of Afghanistan. Forced that have the same fundamental principles as Taliban.

There are many people in the current Afghan government such as Abdullah, Mohammad Mohaghegh, Sarvar Danesh, Dustam, Ahmad Khan etc., that have had a very bad reputation. But due to their service for USA, these forces are still in power.

Ministry of women have been formed, which is the most useless functioning ministry, to serve women and educate women. Millions have been spent on women’s project but very little results has been seen. Some anti women people such as Fawzia Koofi, Sediqa Balkhi, Qadria Yazdanparast, Shukria Barakzai etc.,which are MP, have made an false impression that 28% of Afghan parliament are women. In reality these people act against women’s right organization.

Afghanistan is still a hell for women. Women are still have sold and killed, and nothing radically has happened and women’s situation has not been improved.


Q: In which level do you think that the women’s organization has answered the Afghan women’s demands?

Selay Ghaffar: Throughout Afghan’s history women had an important role, for instant Malalai of Maiwand and Queen Soraya, in the recent Afghan history for the first time women’s organization under the name of RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) founded in Kabul have carried out the revolutionary and politically view for woman. RAWA aimed to create a democratic community, obtaining political and social right for women.

The big protest of women students was started by the RAWA’s activity. The Government attacked the people during these protests that resulted in the killing of Najiha and Nahid and many more got poisoned.

Our women for many years have been fighting against the mercenaries of Russia, USA, Pakistan and Iran, however a long path is still ahead to achieve freedom.


Q: Recently a woman named Farkhonde was brutally killed by men in public. Do Afghan women have any faith in women’s right organizations after their voices have been silent during such brutality? What do Afghan women do in order to seek to the public opinions and gain their attention, and what are their plans?

Selay Ghaffar: It is obvious who were involved in murder of Farkhunda. It was a member of Afghan national security, because otherwise no one could dare to commit such crime in public, in front of police and in place 500 meters away from the police station in Kabul.

We never believe or trust the UN (United Nations) and any member states of the UN. We appreciate support and solidarity from all nations in world, who have stood for Afghan women and their suffering.

Following the biggest international support, women in Kobanê and Rojava, have been given and expressed the second international solidarity to Farkhunda case.

I have a message to all freedom seekers in this world, to not believe in anti-terrorism slogan of international allies that are pretending to be against ISIS. These organization such as Taliban, ISIS and Al-Qaida are supported by the so called international allies. Behind the curtains, it has been years that Afghan nation has been observing hypocrites within the western politic. We know for certain that their slogans are far from what they practice themselves.


Q: Women’s freedom seems to be the same everywhere and women have same fate. In your opinion how women in Middle East will united?

Selay Ghaffar: There is no doubt that women in Middle East and women in Afghanistan are suffering from same problem. Afghanistan is a place to hide terrorists. When Mohamed Morsi’s (Islamic Brotherhood) government in Egypt collapsed, their allies in Afghanistan supported them, and the second place for ISIS to expand is in Afghanistan.

America does not want to stop bloodshed in Middle East and in Afghanistan, and for that reason USA supports ISIS, which is another reason for why we should united and all the political parties in countries should united in this struggle, as we all have common enemies.


Q: How do you estimate the Kurdish women struggle? How does Kurdish and Afghans women’s struggle influence on women’s movements?

Selay Ghaffar: When imperialists and allies declared that the classic revolution and military action had ended, and while ISIS and those people considered that women are defective mentally and they are half of men, the Kurdish women fought against ISIS in Kobanê and showed to entire word their bravery. The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan supported Kurdish nation and did some activities. Also I want to remember that our little support to Kobanê is our duty for just and for sake of bringing back democracy. And we feel sorry that we only did some demonstration and we could not get to the front line of the war in Kobanê.

I would like to say that Kobanê proved that if there is a love for country, then they could destroy any enemy. Kobanê showed that in a critical situation, people were still able to resist and protected their land. As we know, there are some fogey parties that should be forbidden in Kurdistan, and the Kurds should learn this lesson form Afghan and Iran, that those groups are like a virus of darkness that attacks people.


Q: What are your last words to women in the world and particularly to the women in Meddle east?

Selay Ghaffar: Without women in Middle East, there will never be a freedom. A Kurdish women and Afghan women through their blood, are struggling to get freedom. We have to be united to get freedom. The gift of life is within women’s hands. The women in Middle East should know that the imperialists and religious group are the head and tails of one coin and they are working for their beneficials. We have to be united to stand against them and to reach our goal, our freedom and democracy.


Interviewed by ROJ NEWS
Translated by