6 Political Prisoners - Urmiye Prison

Despite 12 days of the transfer of prisoners sentenced to death, Saman Nasim, Sirwan Najawi, Ibrahim Issapour, Ali Afshari, Habib Afshari and Younes Aghaiyan from section 12 of Urmiye prison, their relatives has not been given a clear answer so far.

According to Human Righst Activists in Iran “HRANA”, all 6 political prisoners on Wednesday 18th February from section 12 of Urmiye prion were transferred to a unknown place.

Because of the Saman was just 17 years during his detention and according to international law this is a subject to the convention for the Rights of Child, different organizations and human rights groups showed reaction because of the risk of execution.

Now despite after 12 days of the transfer of the prisoners, there is no information available on the condition and the fate of the political prisoners.

One of Saman’s close relatives said: ”We have not been given any information, we only got his items handed back to us.”

An informed source regarding Younes Aghaiyan and Sirwan Najawi said: ”The families has been told verbally that their children are in the prison of Zanjan, despite several days since the claim have been mentioned, the families has not been able to confirm any meeting or contact or any information regarding their condition.”

It is necessary to remind that the performance of the Iran’s Judiciary in cases referred to the missing prisoners. Amnesty International issued a statement calling of the Iranian government to accept responsibility for their fate, “Iran should inform any situation regarding to prisoners sentenced to death to their families.”